Toytown Toddler Combo dry use only

Toytown Toddler Combo dry use only

    • Actual Size: 15 'X 19'
    • Setup Area: 17' X 21'
    • Outlets: 1

    • $185.00
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This Toytown Toddler combo is a 15'X19' toddler combo designed specifically for toddlers featuring a toy theme with 3D popups throughout for your children to interact with. It is great for ages 2 to 12 but don't worry, adults can do it with their children too since the top of the age rating is for fun factor only. It makes it very easy for smaller kids to manage all of the activities as they are geared for smaller children and includes a bouncing area, vertical popup obstacles, horizontal obstacles, climbing wall, and slide. This inflatable also features the following items for safety: entrance step, open top and netted windows for ventilation, and the ability to see what the kids are up to at all times.

Toddlers combos have become a huge hit with toddlers and small children. Regular bounce houses only offer a jumping experience, which is sometimes frightening for small children.  Sometimes just the sound of the bounce house blower and the roof above them can make them feel trapped and overwhelmed.

The Toddler bounce combos have an open top concept so that toddlers can see the light above them and not feel as closed in as a regular bounce house. The noise level is alone is completely different since there is not a top and the sound escapes. Toddler combos offer bouncing throughout them, but the bouncing space is broken up with interactive popup characters and obstacles throughout the bouncing space. They will have a small slide and climbing wall that is slightly slanted and positioned in a manner that makes it very easy for toddlers to climb up and slide without assistance.

The Toytown toddler combo provides time for exploration and adventure at your next party

Toytown Toddler Bounce House Combo
Inside Views of the Toytown Toddler

Toytown Toddler Combo Inside View small section of inside
Toytown Toddler Combo Inside View Overall View