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    M&M Pony Express 3 Pony Carousel

    3 Pony Carousel Rides

      • Age Group: 3 to 10

      • $330.00
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    3 Pony Carousel Ride Rental

    M&M Pony Express offers this new 3 pony carousel ride so you can have 3 ponies going at a time.  Pony Rides are our passion. The 3 Pony Carousel is $110.00 per hour per pony for the first hour and $75.00 per hour per pony for every hour after that. 3 Pony Carousels have a minimum of 2 hours.  The 3 pony carousel is a great option if you are going to have a larger event that requires more than one pony to work your guests through in a scheduled time frame.  Lead-in Pony rides are still your least expensive option if you are just needing one pony, but if you need 2 or more ponies, it might just be less expensive to rent a pony carousel with 3 ponies. With a 3 pony carousel, you can work quite a few children through in a short time frame.

    Pricing for the Pony Rides

    We also offer a Unicorn 3 pony carousel if you want all your ponies to be unicorns.  This option is $135.00 per hour per unicorn and $100.00 per hour per unicorn after that.  Please call us at 817-800-8618 to schedule a carousel full of unicorns. This is a little girl's dream!

    We do require a $50 deposit to book pony parties. The parties are non-refundable. You can change your date or if the weather is bad on your event or party date, we will credit your deposit to a future party date. Call us to book pony carousels at 817-800-8618. Online booking is available, but can be confusing if you are booking multiple items or putting in a large time range as they are priced by the hour and choosing a larger time slot will increase the price you see for ponies.  Let us help if you want additional items as well.

    It is possible to have the 3 pony carousel for only 2 hours from M&M Pony Express and still rent an inflatable for all day with Inflatable Party Magic LLC. We will deliver inflatables and the ponies at separate times. An attendant will arrive with your pony rides 30 minutes before your party begins to get setup and ready for your party.  Inflatable Party Magic will send a separate delivery drive to deliver and pickup those additional items.

    Pony Requirements

    M&M Pony Express Pony Rides are great for ages 3 to 10. We will provide a helmet for all children to wear to ensure safety while riding. Our ponies are generally safe, friendly, and quiet ponies; however, they are animals and ponies like most animals can be unpredictable. All Pony rides do require signed waivers for all participants.  Each child must have one completed by their parent and/or legal guardian in order to participate:  Click here for Waiver

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