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All About Inflatable Party Magic LLC

Inflatable Part Magic began over 20 years ago by two moms that wanted to create fun, safe, and exciting birthdays and events for other children just as we did for our own children. We also wanted to ensure that while providing these services, we did it at the best price that we possibly could without sacrificing quality or cleanliness.  Even after 18 years, we are still family owned and operated.

Essentially, we set out to make other children smile and that became our driving force. Our drivers today still focus on the children that these services are provided for. They ensure that inflatables are set-up safely and correctly. Our drivers still get their enjoyment from seeing the smile and excitement on the childrens face when they see the inflatables grow from a rolled up sleeping bag type object to a large inflatable playground. This is priceless and can turn a bad day into a great one. Many times our drivers are touched by your children and that in itself is a blessing. That is exactly what we are about!!

After 20 years of providing top notch services to all customers served and realizing who put us where we were, we have became one of the largest inflatable rental companies in the business. We began with only 3 inflatables and now have more than 100 inflatables. We always put our customers needs first and foremost, which is why over 90% percent of our business is repeat and referral business. Additionally, our inflatables are kept in great condition and are delivered clean and sanitized to your party. We replace our units after 3-4 years of use so we keep new and top quality inflatables in at all times. We employee a full-time cleaning crew to ensure that inflatables remain new looking and clean for every rental.

Inflatable Party Magic was one of the first inflatable companies to comply with new Texas State Regulations regarding Bounce Houses and Amusment Rides. That Regulation states that Bounce House Companies must carry insurance that meets state guidelines and be state inspected annually. These inspections include setting up each unit and having them inspected for safety and industry standards by a state approved inspector. Many companies do not comply with this requirement even though it is against the law to not comply and there are legal implications for renting inflatables that are not in compliance with minimum standards. Check out any company before you rent to make sure they are in compliance. The website to check out state compliance is:  click here for TDI Website

We have started offering online booking of parties. We still prefer the personal one on one with customers as we want to provide you with the most personal and complete services that we can. We do understand that with the busy lives that most of us lead, it is sometimes necessary for customers to have the ability to book outside of regular business hours. Please feel free to contact us personally and still book your parties personally with us. We can sometimes answer questions that online booking cannot. We will work with you to make sure your are making the right selection for your event and that each unit selected is a good match for the age of children and type of event you are doing so you can get the most out of your inflatable experience.

All of our inflatables are made from quality 18oz vinyl and are Lead free. We only use manufacturers that are in the USA and only buy commercial inflatables that even adults can do. We have done this long enough that we know what kids and parents like and know what keeps them safe; therefore we work with our manufacturers and custom design many of units. Our waterslides are almost all custom designed as we have them designed and pay extra to have them built with landings and only stock pools that have inflation under them. There are many accidents and injuries that occur with inflatables containing pools and most pools have little or no inflation under them, which makes for a hard and uncomfortable landing. If any of our slides have pools, they have pools that have been specially designed with inflatable comfort and safety.  This is something we have learned through experience and work with our manufacturers to design wet inflatables that have unique characteristics to make them awesome, safe, fun. All of our inflatables are made well enough that adults can use them right along with their children.

We know that Adults are still children at heart and if you are like us, will choose to enjoy them with your children. Inflatables are family entertainment- not just for children. We even stock inflatables that challenge teens and adults as well. Ask us to recommend inflatables that provide a thrill for teens and adults if you are having a party for an older crowd. We have many to choose from.

Company Policies:


Refund Policy:

Deposits are non-refundable. If you need to cancel. We will issue you a raincheck for your deposit that is good for one year. If you have paid the full balance, You can receive a raincheck good for one year for the entire balance or get a refund minus the deposit a 5% re-stocking and credit card transaction fee. The deposit amount would not be refunded and go 100% to a raincheck. If you prefer, we will move the rental to an alternate date or issue a raincheck for 100% of the amount you have already paid. Any item that is cancelled from the order the day of delivery, will be charged a 25% re-stocking fee. During certain weather conditions that make the inflatable unsafe for use, we reserve the right to cancel the rental and not give the customer the option to continue with the rental unless and indoor venue can be secured. If we cancel the rental due to unsafe weather conditions, we will refund anything you have already paid toward the rental or if you prefer, we will allow you to change to an alternate date.

Any items that are canceled at the time of delivery are non-refundable.  Items will be charged 100% with no raincheck or credit not canceled at least 24 hours prior to rental.

Changes in Rental:

If something arises and you need to change your party date or the unit that you have rented, contact us. We can change your party date or the unit that you have rented for no additional fee as we do not charge change fees. We understand that things come up that cause the need to change the date of your party. We do not offer refunds of deposits if you decide not to have your party. If you do not wish to continue with your rental or move your party date, you deposit will be lost as we have held equipment for you and your rental has caused us to not be able to rent that equipment to anyone else.

Payment methods accepted:

We accept all forms of credit and debit cards. You can pay your balance on your rental with a credit card as long as it is paid by the Thursday before the rental. If it is not paid by the Thursday before the rental, you can pay cash upon delivery.
We do not accept personal checks.
We do accept checks from churches and schools as long as the checks are drawn on the church or school account. We do not accept checks from personal accounts to pay these balances.
We accept P.O.'s from schools and businesses that have established accounts with us.

Delivery and PickupTimes:

We generally deliver between 8am and 12 noon on the day of the party and pickup after 8pm to residential setups.
For setups that occur on public property or non-residential setups, we deliver when someone will be arriving to the location and pickup when you will be leaving as they cannot be left unattended. We will work with you personally on these times.

Still have a question?

Call or Write: inflatablepartymagic@yahoo.com 817-800-8618
Let us help you with your next party or event. It is our goal to make it the best party or event that you have ever had!

Let's make lasting magical memories together!

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