Inflatable Party Magic LLC

    Monthly Specials & Discounts

    Everybody loves to save money and get the best deals they can, and at Inflatable Party Magic LLC we feel the same! That's why you'll want to bookmark this page and check back often the latest deals, discounts, and special packages we'll be putting together just for you. We offer monthly specials and sometimes package deals.  Get the coupon code and use upon checkout to save money on your next event. You can only use one coupon per order so choose the coupon that works best for you.

    March 2019 Save $20 on any order priced over priced over $250 or above. You can add on tables, chairs, concession machines, or games to get your order to $250 or above.
    use coupon code  March19 and save $20.00

    Add one of our new backyard and carnival games that are non-inflatable to your order of $100 or more and save $10.00

    use coupon code game18 and save $10.00

    Add a concession machine to your order of $100 or more and save $10.00
    Use code machine18 and save $10.00

    Create A Bear Special:
    Create a Bear -  Save $15.00 if you book a create a bear party. Use coupon code bearparty19

    Add on an inflatable game to your order of $100 or more and save $50.00 Use coupon code inflategame (this code only works with games that are priced over $100.00 originally.)