Inflatable Party Magic

    Inflatable Party Magic LLC Company Policies

    Inflatable Party Magic LLC located in Cleburne, Texas is your Bounce House & Party Rental Specialist for many Texas cities such as Burleson, Crowley, Midlothian, Waxahachie, Granbury, Mansfield, Arlington, Benbrook, Fort Worth, and many more.

    Refund Policy:

    Deposits are non-refundable unless there is inclement weather on the day of your event.  Our definition of inclement weather is that it is raining on the day of the party, more than a 40% chance of rain, or below 40 degrees.  If it is raining, more than a 40% chance of rain on your party date, or below 40 degrees, a driver will contact you to see if you want to go ahead with your rental or cancel.If you choose to cancel due to the weather conditions as stated, we will not deliver it to you and anything you have already paid less a 5% re-stocking and credit card transaction fee, will be refunded to you or if you prefer, we will move the rental to an alternate date or issue a raincheck for 100% of the amount you have already paid. If you choose to keep you rental, we will deliver and full payment will be due. No refunds or discounts will be given at that point even it rains all day or temperatures are below 40.

    During certain weather conditions that make the inflatable unsafe for use, we reserve the right to cancel the rental and not give the customer the option to continue with the rental unless and indoor venue can be secured. If we cancel the rental due to unsafe weather conditions, we will refund anything you have already paid toward the rental or if you prefer, we will allow you to change to an alternate date.

    Changes in Rental:

    If something arises and you need to change your party date or the unit that you have rented, contact us.  We can change your party date or the unit that you have rented for no additional fee as we do not charge change fees.  We understand that things come up that cause the need to change the date of your party.

    We do not offer refunds of deposits if you decide not to have your party.   If you do not wish to continue with your rental or move your party date, you deposit will be lost as we have held equipment for you and your rental has caused us to not be able to rent that equipment to anyone else.

    Payment methods accepted:

    We accept all forms of credit and debit cards at the time of rental.  You can pay your balance on your rental with a credit card as long as it is paid by the Thursday before the rental.  If it is not paid by the Thursday before the rental, you can pay cash upon delivery.

    We do not accept personal checks.  We do accept checks from churches and schools as long as the checks are drawn on the church or school account.  We do not accept checks from personal accounts to pay these balances.

    We accept P.O.'s from schools and businesses that have established accounts with us. 

    Delivery and Pickup Times:

    Rentals are for up to 8 hours. We generally delivery between 8am and the start time of your party as listed on the day of the party and pickup after the end time  to residential setups. Pickup times could be as much as 3 hours after your end time as we have many customers that choose the same end time and we can't be everywhere at once. We will pickup as you fall in our pickup routes.

    If you choose over an 8 hour time span for guaranteed times, you will be charged 7% for every hour over 8 hours. This is added into the total fee you see for the unit. The price displayed is automatically increased as your time is increased over an 8 hour span.

    For setups that occur on public property or non-residential setups, we deliver when someone will be arriving to the location and pickup when you will be leaving as they cannot be left unattended.  We will work with you personally on these times.

    Customer Pickup:

    We only offer customer pickups between 8 and 9am on the morning of the rental and returns between 8 and 9am the following morning.  If these times will not work for you, you will need to schedule for delivery as we only have staff at the pickup site during these times.  We offer no flexibility on customer pickups. Extensive late fees are charged if rentals are late.  No exceptions as this costs us money and hard feelings with other customers that are waiting on yours to be returned!!

    You must have a truck for customer pickup or a trailer if you have an SUV or car.  We will not load directly into a car or an SUV.

    Still have a question? Call or Write:   817-800-8618