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Insurance Policy Information

Inflatable Party Magic State Compliance

Inflatable Party Magic cares about our clients and provides and insurance policy for personal protection and property damages in case of an accident or an error on our part. The State of Texas also requires inflatable and amusement companies to carry liability insurance for the protection of their customers. Our insurance carrier is the Oliver Van Dyke Insurance Agency

Even before this was a law in Texas, our company carried this coverage. Inflatable Party Magic has been in business for over 19 years and this was not a requirement until we had been in business about 7 years. We have always felt that sense of responsibility to our customers and have carried this type of insurance in case it was needed. Many companies operate illegally and do not carry the mandatory Texas insurance or do the required annual inspections. A company that does not operate lawfully will be cheaper, but their quality will normally also be compromised. Do you want to put the safety of your children in the hands of a company that can't follow basic guidelines and laws.

Chances are those same companies do not bother to train themselves or their staff on appropriate safety standards and bounce house setup. Inflatables may look easy enough to setup, but their is more involved than what you might see to ensure they appropriately anchored and safe for use by your children. Our staff go through a very intensive on the job training for many weeks and have to ensure they can master setup and safety before they deliver to our customers.

Inflatable Party Magic Management attend many safety and business seminars each year to ensure that we stay up with the latest trends and safety standards for our industry.

We truly hope this information has provided a sense of safety and security for you with Inflatable Party Magic. Our company would love to be your first choice in party rental entertainment in Texas.


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