Carnival Game 5 Pack
Carnival Game 5 Pack


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Carnival Game 5 Pack Rental

Rent Carnival Games DFW Texas

With the Inflatable Party Magic Carnival Game 5 Pack rental you get 5 amazing games in one package.  Your event will enjoy the Fat Cats Game, Block Island Game, Crazy Hat Game, Shuffle Alley Game and the Can Toss Game. . Warning:  These are all carnival games of skill and are very addicting! 

Fat Cats Carnival Game

To play Fat Cats, players receive 3 Bean Bags to throw and see just how many fat cats they can knockdown.  Each cat knocked down is a win.  You even make this game more fun by giving prices for each win or by simply giving points or tickets and seeing who is the high point winner once all competitors have taken their chance at this awesome game.

Shuffle Alley Carnival Game

The main difference between shuffleboard bowling and regular bowling is that shuffleboard bowling substitutes the shuffleboard pucks for the bowling ball. The well-crafted, smooth surfaces of shuffleboard tables are perfect for use as bowling lanes, and you can even build up skill and strength as a shooter for traditional shuffleboard play. 

Another cool aspect to shuffleboard alley is that you can play with as many people as you like. Each player gets two turns with their shuffleboard puck. If  you can knock al the pins down on the first try, you have yourself a strike. Rather than scoring 10 for the frame, the player will score 10 plus the total amount knocked down during all turns in the next frame. If all pins are knocked down on the second try, you have a spare. Instead of scoring 10 for the frame, the player scores 10 plus the total amount knocked down during the first turn in the next frame.  Scoring is the same as regular bowling as points are tallied based on how many pins are knocked down.

 You can also vote to play this simple for carnival or festival play and give prices or points for a strike only.  This game will keep them trying to win over and over.

Block Island Carnival Game

To Play Block Island, you stack 6 dice in a pyramid shape on the middle wooden platform the easily pull back on the swinging ball (that is attached a crossbar by a chain) and drop the ball to try and knock all of the dice over.  After all the dice fall, you total up your score to see if you win the high score prize.  You will want to plan in advance what you want the high score to be and if someone dice total that amount or more, they win.  A suggestion for a winning high score is 30 since the most you could score would be 36.

Crazy Hat Carnival Game

The Crazy Hat game can be played by any age group.  Participants throw wiffle balls and try to make it in the hat.  Every ball that makes it in the hat is a winner.   You can make this game more exciting by giving out prices, points, or tickets and seeing who is the high point winner once all competitors have taken their chance at this awesome game.

Can Toss Carnival Game

The Can Toss carnival game is a nostalgic carnival game rental that has been played on midways for years.  Players toss the bean bag and try to knock over all the cans. Warning: This game can be harder than it looks.  Let your party or event-goers try their hand at this awesome and exciting carnival game.  You cannot go wrong with a game of aim and a steady hand.  You can make this game more fun and add to your event by giving away prices each time someone wins or by simply giving points or tickets and seeing who is the high point winner once all competitors have taken their chance at this awesome game.

All 5 of these games are best played on a 6ft table each. The Block Island and Crazy Hat can share a table if you like.  You can rent tables from us to put your game on.  We even offer a  carnival table complete with a classic red and white striped tablecloth.

Want to complete your 5 Pack carnival game experience?

You can always add extra game rentals to your 5 Pack rental to make your event the ultimate experience.  The perfect combination of carnival game rental are exactly what your party needs to go from ordinary to extraordinary.  You can keep all ages busy and having fun at your party or event with our awesome selection of carnival games.  You will not find anyone looking for something more to do when you add the carnival games to your order.  You will find the kids and adults with get involved in playing together in the challenge and the competition.

Ready to book your Carnival Game 5 Pack?

Simply click the add to cart button and follow the directions to add 5 pack to your cart.  If you need assistance creating or finishing your order, you can contact us for assistance by phone at 817-800-8618.  We are always here and ready to assist you in any and every way we can.


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