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    Connect a Shot

    Connect a Shot

      • Actual Size: 10' X 8' and 11ft. tall
      • Setup Area: 12' X 10' and 11ft. tall
      • Outlets: 1
      • Age Group: 5 to adult

      • $175.00
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    Connect A Shot Inflatable Connect 4 Game Rental

    This Connect a Shot Game is the inflated and giant version of the loved Connect 4 Game. The players shoot their basketballs at the goals trying to connect 4 in a row.  It is a little harder than it looks.  People will spend large amounts of time trying to get it right and beat their competitors.  Can you shoot accurate enough to score 4 in a row?

    Specifics on Connect 4 Inflatable Connect a Shot

    This inflatable is 10' X 8' and 11ft. tall.  It is great for all ages and mixed age groups can play at one time. This game is the perfect addition to other rental games or interactive inflatables.  You can pair this with a bounce house or obstacle course and have a complete party.  This game does well at school events, church events, community festivals, college events, corporate functions, and more. 

    Rules for Inflatable Connect a Shot

    This game is played like the original connect 4 with the added twist of shooting hoops intead of dropping discs.  The object of the game is to get four of your color basketballs in a line. This line could be either diagonal, horizontal or vertical. During the game you take it in turns to shoot the balls into the frame. You must always have a go, and cannot 'pass' or forfeit your turn.

    It is seen as losing or forfeiting the game to your opponent if you get more than 4 in a row. This could be done if you have no choice but to drop a counter into a space which is between your own color balls making a row of 5 or more.

    It is possible to draw - this happens when you fill up the board completely but no one has achieved four in a row.

    The first person to get 4 in a row is the winner.

    To Book the Connect a Shot

    To reserve the Connect a Shot Game for your next event, click on the add to cart button below, select your date and times, and follow the directions to complete your order and pay your deposit.  The deposit goes directly to the rental price and it is subtracted from the total and not in addition to the total rental price of Connect a Shot.  If you do not like to reserve items online, please feel free to contact us and let our friendly staff will assist you with the booking process and taking your deposit over the phone.  We are always available and waiting to assist our customers in any way we can.