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    Frozen Drink Mix Pina Colada

    Frozen Drink Mix Pina Colada

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    Pina Colada Frozen Drink Machine Mix

    Inflatable Party Magic LLC offers the high quality Draft Brand Pina Colada frozen drink machine mix. This mix comes in half gallon jugs. This half gallon is condensed and It makes 3 gallons of mix after adding your ingredients. Very easy to mix- Just add your rum and water and you are ready to go. You must provide your own alcohol! This mix is so smooth, you can't taste the alcohol.  No need to buy the expensive rum with this mix.

    This Pina Colada mix can be used without alcohol to create drinks for kids or party goers that choose not to drink alcoholic drinks.

    Nothing tastes better than a frozen creamy Pina Colada at a party!