Wild Splash Slip N Slide

Wild Splash Slip N Slide

    • Actual Size: 12' X 30'
    • Setup Area: 14' X 32'
    • Outlets: 1
    • Age Group: 7 to adult

    • $200.00
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This Slip N Slide is 30ft. Long and Dual laned for racing.  The water comes down from the arches above the two lanes and keep the participants wet at all times before they come to the stopping wall at the end of the 33ft.

It is a 12' X 30'.  This inflatable is great for teens and adults as well as children ages 7 and up.  The grown ups will have as much or more fun than the kids on this attraction.

Can you beat your competititor on this slide?  How fast can you run and dive?