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State of Texas Inspections

Inflatable Party Magic State Compliant and Insured

Most customers do not realize that Inflatable Companies, such as Inflatable Party Magic, have to be state inspected each year in accordance with the Texas State Law. We are regulated by the Texas Department of Insurance, also referred to as TDI. TDI requires all inflatable companies to carry insurance and get annual inspections of all of their bounce houses, water slides, and other amusement devices.

Many companies do not comply with this law as the insurance and inspections are very costly. Illegal companies that do not comply are normally the companies that rent very cheaply. You do not want to rent a "cheap inflatable" if it is risking the safety of your child.

Inflatable Party Magic takes inspections seriously and we comply with the state law. We want to ensure that your children are safe on our equipment. We constantly inspect our equipment after each rental ourselves.

State inspections occur once a year. An approved state inspector comes to our location and has up setup every item in our inventory. The inspector goes through every inch of that inflatable and takes pictures of each one. Then the inspector sends his report to the state on each amusement ride and we pay the state for inspection stickers. TDI then lists our company on their website as a compliant vendor and lists all our our equipment that is approved for use.

We hope by sharing this information how state inspections work, we have provided you with confidence in Inflatable Party Magic. We want you to be comfortable with your decision to rent from our company and feel that you your children will be safe with our equipment.
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