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How to Supervise a Bounce House

How to Supervise a Bounce House

Do you have the job of supervising a bounce house?  Whether you are having a birthday party at home or a large event, the bounce houses you rent need to be supervised by someone.  If you did not hire the rental company to stay and supervise the use of the bounce house, then you or someone you assign must do so to ensure safety and fun for all that use the inflatable bounce house.

The Ultimate Guide to Bounce House Safety: Supervision Best Practices

Bounce houses are a staple at children's parties and family gatherings, offering hours of laughter and fun. However, without proper supervision and safety measures, they can quickly turn a day of joy into one of worry. In this guide, we'll cover the essential steps to ensure bounce house safety, keeping your guests safe while they jump and play while achieving the ultimate party fun!

Understanding the Importance of Bounce House Safety

Before we dive into the specifics of supervision, it's crucial to understand why bounce house safety is so important. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, thousands of injuries related to inflatable amusement rides are reported each year. This is why Texas chose to put regulations on bounce house rentals and the companies that rent them.  Make sure you are renting from a company that meet the Texas regulations for inflatable amusement rides.  Proper supervision and adherence to safety guidelines can significantly reduce the risk of accidents.
Bounce House Safety
Steps for Proper Bounce House Safety and Supervision

Step 1: Proper Installation is Key

The first step in ensuring safety is the proper installation of the bounce house. Make sure the inflatable has been setup securely away from trees, fences, and power lines.  Make sure that the bounce house is either staked down at each stakedown point or 50 lb sandbags are on each stakedown point to ensure the bounce house will not blow away and will stay securely in place. 

How does this apply the supervision you might wonder?  If you are the one supervising an inflatable, the most important thing is that the inflatable remain anchored and in place once children enter the bounce house.  A bounce house that flys away is not safe! 

Step 2: Supervision is Non-Negotiable

Constant supervision is non-negotiable when it comes to bounce house safety. An adult should always be present, actively watching the children as they play inside the bounce house. This means no distractions – put away cell phones and avoid engaging in lengthy conversations with other adults.

Step 3: Capacity Management

Overcrowding a bounce house is a recipe for accidents. Adhere to the recommended number of children and weight limits provided by the bounce house rental company. The number of children allowed on the inside at one time will vary by bounce house size and the size of the children inside as their are weight limits.  The bounce house company should supply rules that tell you how many children at what ages can be in the bounce house at one time. 

It's also mandatory to group children by size and age to prevent collisions between smaller and larger kids.  Only children of like size should be in a bounce house together.  Putting larger children with smaller chldren can result in injury.

Step 4: Safe Play Rules and time limits

Establish a set of rules for safe play and communicate them clearly to all participants before they enter the bounce house. Have an adult present to enforce the rules and limit participants.   Rules should include:
  • Have an adult stand in front of the bounce house to verbally enforce rules
  • No shoes inside the bounce house.
  • No sharp objects like glasses or jewelry.
  • No flipping, wrestling, or rough play.
  • No climbing on the walls or netting.
  • Exit the bounce house if it begins to lose air.
  • In case of rain or high winds over 15 mph- 1) remove riders 2) unplug the motor extension from the wall outlet.
  • Do not turn motor off and on repeatedly, as this could harm to children
  • Never play or jump on a partially inflated unit.
  •  Always follow number of riders listed on contract.
  • Ensure Only children of like size in a bounce house together.  Keep smaller kids with smaller kids and larger kids only with larger kids of like size.

Time Limits
One of the best ways to rotate large groups of Children through a bounce house is by setting time limits.  Allow a group in and begin a stopwatch for 5 minutes.  Do not allow any extras until that time frame is over and then clear out the kids that are in the bounce house completely.  Then let your next group in for a jump.

Step 5: Emergency Preparedness

Be prepared for emergencies. Keep a first aid kit nearby, know the location of the nearest phone, and have a plan in case the bounce house deflates rapidly or weather conditions change.

Deflating Bounce House
If the bounce house starts deflating for any reason, immediately remove all kids.  Then try to figure out if it lost power or how to get the bounce house back up after the children are removed.

Conclusion: Safety Ensures Fun

By following these steps and emphasizing the importance of supervision, you can ensure that the bounce house at your event is a safe environment for all children. Remember, when it comes to inflatable amusements, safety is the key to fun.  We want your experience with bounce house rentals to be safe and fun for a completely magical experience.

Our company gets many requests to staff bounce house in our larger cities.  You can check with your bounce house company to see if professional staffing is an option.  Most companies will offer this option at an addtional cost for larger events.  We staff many bounce houses in Fort Worth for larger events.

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