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Water Slide Safety

Water Slide Rental Safety

Renting a water slide is the centerpiece of summer fun.  Water slides are rented for backyard birthday parties, school events, corporate events, college events, church events and summer heat relief.  To keep it fun, there are some safety tips that can keep you and your party guests safe while having a great time slipping and sliding.

Ensuring Fun and Safety with Water Slide Rentals: A Guide for All Ages

As the sun and heat are beaming down, nothing spells fun quite like a water slide at your backyard party or community event. However, amidst the laughter and splashes, safety must be the undercurrent of all the excitement. In this guide, we'll dive into the essential safety tips for water slide rentals, tailored for every age group, and provide you with the know-how to select the best rental company for a worry-free and  properly supervise the water slide for a splash-tastic event.

Water Slide Safety for Different Age Groups

Toddlers and Young Children:
Size and Height: Opt for smaller slides with gentle slopes or possibly a bounce house with a water slide attached. Smaller children love water slides and are happy with just sliding, it doesn't have to be a giant slide for a small child. 

Look at the water slide recommendations when choosing a waterslide to rent and see what age groups the slide is appropriate for. Only rent a slide that is recommended for your age group.  Water Slide manufacturers establish recommended ages by using safety and industry standards.  Renting a slide that is too large for your child or guests, could result in injury.

School-Aged Children
Appropriate Slides: Choose slides with appropriate height and complexity for optimal fun.  The general rule for ages 5 to 12 are bounce house water slides or slides that are between 10ft tall and 18 foot tall.  You want to look at the specifics on each water slide and choose one that is okay for children within this age range. The rental company should display this on their water slide rental product pages. 

Larger Slides: Suitable for more thrilling slides.  Teens tend to like the larger slides and most slides are fine for teens.  Slides that are 17 foot or taller are a great fit for teenagers.  Teens also tend to like slip and slides.

Slide Selection: Ensure the slide can accommodate adult weights and sizes.  Adults normally want slides that are 17 foot tall or larger or slip and slide water slides.  Most water slides are ok for adult use.  Bounce house water slides are usually ok for adult use also, but are normally restricted to just one or 2 adults at a time as they are really geared for smaller children that weigh less.

Choosing a Reputable Water Slide Rental Company

Make sure the company you choose is experienced in the setup of water slides.  Not all companies are created equal.  Just because they own the slides does not mean they have experience setting them up correctly.  Don't be afraid to ask how long they have been renting water slides.

Finding a water slide rental company is simple.  You can search water slide rentals and the city name you are having your party in and it will return the major rental companies.  For instance you can search Fort Worth Water Slide Rentals  and you will find many companies that rent water slides in Fort Worth, Tx.  Then your homework will begin as you to find which of those companies will best suit your needs and provide a safe and secure water slide rental.

Check to see if they have google reviews.  Reviews will give you a good idea on how their service is and if they have the appropriate experience.   A companies online reputation will tell you what you need to know about that company.

Experience is important as water slides that are not setup and anchored down appropriately can blow away, tip over, or deflate and get someone injured.  Water slides must be staked down at every stakedown point or if on concrete, anchored with 50lb sandbags on each tiedown point.  This will ensure the inflatable stays in place.

Ask about their inspection and maintenance routines.  In Texas, inflatable operators are required to be state inspected and insured.  Make sure your inflatable provider is state inspected and insured.  You can also verify this with TDI (Texas Department of Insurance).

Quality and Selection
Look for a company that offers a range of slides suitable for different age groups.  You want to make sure they are purchasing from companies in the United States that complies with ASTM safety standards for manufacturing water slides.

Ensure the slides are made from durable, commercial-grade materials that are lead free.

A trustworthy company will be open about their safety practices and display FAQ's and policies on their website.
How to Supervise a Water Slide

How to Supervise a Water Slide Rental

  • Have an adult stand in front of the water slide at all time to supervise to verbally enforce rules
  • One slider at a time.  No slide down with someone in your lap or in groups
  • Double lane water slides- only one slider at a time in each lane.
  • Stairway of water slide is only one at a time
  • Slide down in sitting position only facing frontwards
  • No head first sliding 
  • Make sure first slider is clear before sending another slider-  First slider must completely exit before next slider
  • Pools- not sitting in the pool area.  Must exit immediately after completing slide.
  • No shoes inside the water slide. 
  • No sharp objects like glasses or jewelry
  • No flipping, wrestling, or rough play.
  • No climbing on the walls or netting.
  • Exit the water slide immediately if it begins to lose air. 
  • In case of rain or high winds over 15 mph- 1) remove riders 2) unplug the motor extension from the wall outlet
  • Do not turn motor off and on repeatedly, as this could harm to children
  • Never play or jump on a partially inflated unit.
  • Always follow number of riders listed on contract.  
  • Ensure Only children of like size in a bounce house together if water slide has a bouncing area also.  Keep smaller kids with smaller kids and larger kids only with larger kids of like size.
  • No sliding after consuming alcohol.

Water Slide Safety Conclusion

Renting a water slide is an excellent way to add excitement to any event, but it comes with the responsibility of ensuring everyone's safety. By considering the needs of different age groups, enforcing the rule of sliding one at a time, and choosing a reputable company, you can provide a fun and safe experience for all your guests.

Remember, the best memories are the ones where fun is had and safety is upheld. So, slide into your next event with confidence and the assurance that you've taken the steps to make it a safe and memorable experience for everyone!

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