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    Carnival Game Ultimate Package

    Carnival Game Ultimate Package

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    Carnival Ultimate Game Package Rental

    Rent Carnival Games DFW Texas

    With the Inflatable Party Magic Carnival Ulitmate Game Package rental you get 6 amazing carnival games in one package.  Your event will enjoy the following carnival games: Whak A Rat, Over and Under, Golf One-Shot, Shuffle Board, Tic Tac Toe Carnival Game, Crazy Ball, and the Hook a Ring. Warning:  These 6 carnival games are tests of skill and are very addicting! 

    Whack A Rat Carnival Game

    Who doesn't want to take the chance to Wak A Rat? The Wak A Rat is simple enough to be played and enjoyed by everyone, but it may not be as easy to win as it appears.  Participants throw bean bags at the rats to see if they can knock down a rat or maybe even 3 rats if they are good enough. You can give prizes or points for every rat they knockdown or require they knock all three down to win.  This game is awesome and will keep all ages entertained and playing over and over again.

    Block Island Carnival Game

    To play the Block Island, you stack 6 dice in a pyramid shape on the middle wooden platform the easily pull back on the swinging ball (that is attached a crossbar by a chain) and drop the ball to try and knock all of the dice over.  After you hit the dice and they fall, you total up your score to see if you win the high score prize.  To give prices or set a standard for a win, you will want to decide what you want the high score to be and if someone dice total that amount or more, they win.  A suggestion for a winning high score is 30 as the most you could score would be 36.  Kids and adults alike will go crazy for this game

    Shuffle Board Carnival Game

    Shuffle Board is a test of your skills!  You take your puck and will need just the right amount of speed to push it down the alley far enough to hit one of the holes in the board without going too far or off to one side. Each player will get three pucks and the option to try 3 to hit a hole each of those three times. This game will keep you trying and trying as it is hard to quit playing.

     Another fun aspect of the shuffleboard game is that you can play with as many people as you like. Each player gets two turns with their shuffleboard puck and you can assign point values to each hole and tally up the points at the end of each player's turn. This is a great game to play at festivals and carnival as well as other parties and get-togethers, but you can also play at backyard birthday parties or family get-togethers. The possibilities are endless.

    Golf One Shot Carnival Game

    With Golf One-Shot, you get one shot to try and make a hole in one with the one-shot golf game. How amazing is your golf swing? This game will be a favorite amongst golf enthusiasts and even those who know nothing about the game of golf.  It is a game of skill that will keep them wanting to try over and over.  Test your skill and golf swing with our awesome one-shot golf game.

    This game is the perfect addition to a carnival, fall, fall festival, church event, corporate event, or even just the backyard party.  All ages and skill levels will line up to test their skill and so they can prove they can do it in one shot.  You can add more fun to this game by giving prizes to those players that can make this hole in one shot.

    Tic Tac Toe Carnival Game

    The Tic Tac Toe is played much like the original tic tac toe game since your goal is to get 3 balls in a row.  However, this game offers a twist by having each player throw 3 wiffle balls and try to get 3 in a row. Any pattern of 3 in a row will win.  You can make this activity even more fun by giving prices for each win or by simply giving out points or tickets and seeing who is the high point winner once all competitors have taken their chance at this awesome game.

    Hook A Ring Carnival Game

    Hook A ring carnival is so much fun for all ages.  There is a string that is attached to a hanging metal rod above the Red Hook, with the opposite end of the string tied to a red ring. The Hook hangs from the Long pole and the players swing the ring towards the hook to try to make the ring land on the hook. This game is as simple as that.  Kids and adults of all ages will love trying this game time and time again until they can finally hook the ring.

    All 6 of these carnival games are better played on a 6ft table. The Hook a Ring and the Tic Tac Toe can both share a table. The Crazy Ball and the other activities will need a table of their own.  You can rent tables from us to put your game on.  We even offer a carnival table complete with Carnival striped tablecloth.

    Want to complete your Ultimate Carnival Game Package experience?

    You can always add extra carnival rentals to your Ultimate Carnival Game Package rental to make your event the ultimate experience.  The perfect winning combination of carnival activities can be exactly what your party needs to go from ordinary to extraordinary.  You can keep all ages occupied at your party or event with our awesome selection of carnival game rentals.  No one will ever be looking for something more to do when you add our awesome carnival games to your order.  You will find the kids and adults will get involved in playing together in the challenge and the competition.

    Ready to book your Carnival Game Ultimate Package?

    Simply click the add to cart button and follow the directions to add the Ultimate package to your cart.  If you need assistance creating or finishing your order, you can contact us for assistance by phone at 817-800-8618 so that we can assist you.  We are always here and ready to assist you in any and every way we can.

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