Ride Off Dueling Mechanical Bull Ride Rental in DFW Tx

Ride Off Dueling Mechanical Bull Rental

Ride Off Dueling Mechanical Bull Rental


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Setup Area: 40′ x 20′ x 10′

Actual Size: 40′ x 20′ x 10′ : Price listed is for up to 2 hours

Monitors: This Items is Staffed by Inflatable Party Magic

Outlets: 4

Age Group: 7 to adult weight limit of 250lbs


Ride Off Dueling Mechanical Bull Rental

Inflatable Party Magic- #1 Choice for the Ride Off Dual Mechanical Bull Rentals

Introducing our Ride-Off Bull Dueling Mechanical Bulls, where the thrill of competition meets the excitement of riding! This dynamic attraction features two inflatable bulls, seamlessly joined together for head-to-head duels. Each bull is mounted on its own motion base, capable of delivering realistic spin and buck motions that mimic the wild ride of a real bull.

With just one control console, synchronized motion ensures that both bulls move in perfect harmony, offering riders an identical experience for a fair and exhilarating competition. Riders mount their bulls simultaneously as the clock starts ticking, setting the stage for an intense showdown.

As the riders cling on, spectators watch eagerly as the LED clocks display each rider's time, adding to the suspense. When one rider is thrown off, the action doesn't stop—the remaining rider continues until they too are bested, determining the ultimate winner.

Experience the thrill of bull riding like never before with our Ride-Off Bull Dueling Mechanical Bulls. It's more than just a ride—it's a test of skill, balance, and determination that's sure to leave participants and spectators alike on the edge of their seats!

Ride Off Mechanical Electric Bull Rental Specifics

The Rid Off bull rental is a little different from normal inflatables and mechanical bulls.  The specifics are listed below:

  • The Mechanical Bull Rental is surrounded by a deluxe 40′ x 20′. The total operating space required:40′ x 20′ x 10′
  • The bull rental is priced for up to 2 hours for the price listed.
  • After the first 2 hours, the price drops to a lower price per hour for every hour after that. 
  • Electrical Requirements: 4 -12 amp electrical sources are needed
  • We Provide a Trained Operator that stays with the bull at all times during the rental of the bull.
  • Waivers are not required by our insurance for every rider
  • Bull can be operated indoors or outdoors

To Book the Ride Off Mechanical Bull Dual Riding Competition Rental

You can now book easily online! To book this dual mechanical bull ride competition, you can simply click on the add to cart button, select your date and times, then simply follow the directions, and then pay your deposit. You will receive an email confirmation soon after placing your order. If you need assistance placing your order or would like someone to complete the order over the phone for you, please do not hesitate to call us and we can complete your order and take your deposit over the phone. Inflatable Party Magic is family-owned and operated, and we want to make sure you feel right at home in using us to make your party perfect. We look forward to helping you take your event to the next level!  Cowboy Up!

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