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The best Bounce House rentals Cleburne Tx come from Inflatable Party Magic. If you are looking for the best inflatable company and customer service in the business, you have found the right place with Inflatable Party Magic.  We offer the largest selection of Cleburne bounce house rentals with outstanding customer service. Our company offers local bounce house rentals to Cleburne and  is dedicated to serving you and is your best resource for jump house and event rentals. Our primary goal is to make your bounce house rental in Cleburne a completely awesome experience from start to finish. We have experience in all sizes of parties and events. When you couple our experience with our huge selection of party jumper rental equipment, we can offer everything you need for your event to essentially be your one-stop party shop. You will be excited to learn that our jumper rentals are still 8-hour rentals for one low price. Our inflatable bounce house rentals in Cleburne Tx are the best value for your money and our service is second to none.  You can expect quality products and professional and personalized customer service.  We also offer Cleburne bounce house water slides to rent. Try our company for the best bouncy house rentals in Cleburne!
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Rent more than Bounce Houses in Cleburne

Inflatable Party Magic rents more than inflatable bounce houses in Cleburne. Your search is over for the best entertainment rentals in Cleburne. Not only will you receive the best customer service, but rental choices including everything PARTY that you will need to rent for your event.  Our event rentals include party jumper rentals, water slides, obstacle course rentals, toddler bounce house rentals, inflatable games, mini-golf courses, trackless trains, bumper car ride, rock climbing wall, mechanical bulls, euro-bungee trampolines, carnival games, tables and chairs, Tent Rentals, movie screens, and even more high quality rental equipment in Cleburne. Since we not only rent bouncy castle inflatables in Cleburne, our company has been recognized as the party rental leader in Cleburne. If you are looking for a bounce house rental in Cleburne, you can trust Inflatable Party Magic as a the perfect place to rent your jumpers and event equipment as we keep customer service and safety a number one priority!

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All About a Bounce House Rental in Cleburne Tx

A bounce house rental Cleburne is very easy Inflatable Party Magic as we are located at 2852 W FM 4 Cleburne, Tx. Our location is mainly a storage facility and cleaning hub for our inflatables. We do have customers come to our location, but we don't keep regular hours at that location. Most of our rentals of bounce houses in Cleburne are done through our website or by phone.

Cleburne bounce houses is where it all began for us over 20 years ago. Our little inflatable bounce house business in Cleburne has grown from 3 bouncers to over 200 since 2002. We are proud to still be renting party jumpers after all these years and putting a smiles on the faces of our customers.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, we can help with our unique inflatable bounce houses to rent. We rent many different themes of bouncers to choose from in our lineup of inflatables.  It doesn't matter if you want a little bounce house or a large bounce house, we have them all and everything in between.

Our Cleburne bouncy house rental themes to choose from are the most popular. We rent the following Mermaid bounce house, Disney Princess bounce house, Minion bounce house, Mickey Mouse bounce house, Justice League bounce house, Unicorns, Paw Patrol bounce house, Frozen bounce house, pirate bounce house, Disney Cars bounce house, Football bounce house, Toy Story, Sports bounce house, pink princess bouncy house, Carnival bounce house, dinosaur bounce house, Jurassic bounce house, Farm bounce house ,Circus bounce house and more.  Want to make a statement with a large bounce house?  Try our disco dance!

Looking for a jump house that is generic with no particular theme? We also offer a huge selection of basic bouncy castles in generic colors and themes such as castle bounce houses, kingdom bounce house, and party bounce houses to best suit your party needs. Whether you are looking for a small bounce house or a larger jumper, you will find what you are looking for with our bounce house company.

Our mission

Our mission in Cleburne Tx is simply to provide the best quality bounce houses to rent in Cleburne at the lowest prices we can offer them while at the same time, maintaining a high level of customer service and satisfaction. Bounce houses Cleburne is our fastest growing business segment. Our friendly and professional staff will ensure that your party jumper rentals and event rentals are delivered on time and set up safely so that your event becomes a cherished memory. Our customers are the reason we love what we do! We would love to add you as one of our customers in bounce house rentals Cleburne, Texas.

Bouncy House Rentals in Cleburne Video

Want to see the bounce Houses we offer in Cleburne? Our jump house rentals to Cleburne are the best bounce houses to rent in Cleburne and Johnson County. We also rent inflatable water slide bounce houses in Cleburne and provide Cleburne inflatable obstacle course rentals with the largest selection you will find.

Checkout this video on our bouncy house rentals near you. Inflatable Party Magic rents all the party rentals you have been searching for in Cleburne Tx. We offer the best local bounce houses for birthday party rentals and more. Let us help take your party fun to the next level.
Bounce House Rental Cleburne Tx

What makes our Local Bounce House Rentals Different?

We are actually located in Cleburne and are the original bounce house and event rental company in the Cleburne. Since we offer local bounce house rentals in Cleburne, our company is able to rent Cleburne Bounce Houses to you within our standard delivery area with no extra delivery fees. We are located at 2852 W FM 4, Cleburne, Tx 76033 near the Cleburne Municipal Airport, Cleburne Surgical Center and Jones Barns. Google our location code: 9H93+FP Cleburne, Texas.

Our company has a proven track record and our customers rate us number one in the Cleburne area for quality and customer service in the inflatable jump house and event party rental industry. Secondly, Inflatable Party Magic has been in business for 20 years and has become a business you can trust. We take pride in our business and services so we can be the best at not only bouncy house rentals in Cleburne TX, but also larger-scale event rentals. We believe in bringing value to your rentals while ensuring your bouncers are clean and well taken care of. The jump houses we rent are high quality and come from reputable manufacturers that comply with U.S standards for safety and quality assurance. Our company is the largest and most complete inflatable bounce house rental company in Johnson County.


We have been in business since 2002 and take our business and customers seriously. Our services are second to none. Our goal is to make sure we offer you the best bouncer rentals in Cleburne. Inflatable Party Magic is superior to the competition when it comes to excellent customer service and we rent quality bounce house rentals to Cleburne Texas. Any company can rent a bounce house, but it takes experience and training to provide a safely setup bouncer. Inflatable setup is key to safe fun. If an inflatable rental is not setup correctly, they can prove harmful and kids can be injured. With Inflatable Party Magic, our employees have been trained thoroughly in safety and customer service before they ever enter your property.


We are fully insured and are state inspected annually for safety and as required by Texas State law. Insurance and inspections are a state law in Texas, but many companies either do not comply at all and operate under the radar of the state. Some businesses choose to only inspect a small portion of the party rental equipment they actually own to save money and hope that an accident does not occur. This is not legal and is purposely defying state law. You can visit the Texas Department of Insurance's website and see that Inflatable Party Magic has every item we own listed and inspected so you can rest assured the party rental equipment you are renting has been inspected and is safe for your child and guests to use.


Don't let the jumping house rentals fool you! We are experienced in larger events for churches, schools colleges, and corporate parties as well. We have the equipment and experience to handle all-size party rentals and events in Cleburne and the Johnson County area. Located in the heart of Johnson County, we offer bounce house rentals to Johnson County and surrounding counties.


Unlike smaller companies that can just offer inflatable bounce house rentals, our products and services offered are numerous including water bounce houses, water slides for rental, toddler bounce house rentals, bounce houses with slide rentals, Create A Bear Parties, trackless trains, interactive inflatable games, inflatable obstacle course bounce houses, photo booths, large inflatable movie screens, carnival games, Dunk Tanks, tables and chairs, tents, Mobile Rock Climbing Wall Rentals, Zorb Ball Bumper Car Rentals, Euro Bungee Quad Jumper Rentals, Mechanical Bull Rentals, Trackless Trains, and Portable Mini Golf Course Rentals. Trust us to all of your party equipment rentals. We can handle parties of all sizes large or small.

Ages for a Bounce House Rental?

How to Choose the Best Bounce House in Cleburne Tx for My Party? If you need some help with deciding what ages are best for your Cleburne TX bounce house rental, we have listed some information we think might help.

Standard Bounce Houses

Ages 2 to 12

Standard bouncy houses rental or small bounce house rentals are great for smaller children up to about age 12. Adults can get in a bounce house, but there is a weight limit and the number of participants at a time must be reduced. Additionally, bouncy houses rental should not have mixed ages and sizes as all participants share the bouncing space and larger guests can fall on and injure smaller guests. Some people all call these moonwalks and bouncy houses. The bounce houses with slide are our most popular inflatable rental. Jumping house rentals with slides are very popular and rent quickly so you will want to book those early.  

Toddler Bounce Houses

Age 2 to 10 Toddler bounce house rentals in Cleburne are the best for ages 2 to 7, but can be used by ages 2 to 10. Bounce house rentals for toddlers include a jumping space throughout, pop-up obstacles shaped like characters to interact with, and a slide. These are perfect because the attention span of a smaller child is not very long. Smaller kids like to stay very busy so they can jump a little then at the same time, hug or interact with a pop-up character or shape and then move over just a few feet and climb or even crawl up a small slanted climbing wall and slide down a small slide geared just for them. Another feature about toddler bounce house rentals is that they do not have a top on the bounce house so smaller kids can see the sky above them and not feel insecure or trapped all the way around. Toddler bounce houses in Cleburne can be used well for ages 2 to 10, but are highly recommended for ages 2 to 7. We are always asked can adults get in the Toddler Bounce House and the answer is yes. Adults can get in the toddler bounce houses to rent as they are commercial inflatables, but the fun factor on this definitely ends at 12 as the elements within the toddler jumper are much smaller.  

Bounce House with Slide Rentals

Age 5 to 12 Bounce House with Slide Rentals are great for ages 5 to 12 as they offer a bouncing area, basketball goal, climbing wall, and a slide. Smaller children as young as 2 years of age can safely play on the bouncy house slides, but they might not be able to climb the climbing wall. These types of bounce houses are also called jumper slide rentals at some rental companies. Older kids love to be challenged and have more to do than just jump. The bouncy castles with slides keep them busy and offer a larger climbing wall and slide than the toddler bounce houses to rent. Adults can safely use the bouncer combos too, but keep in mind that you must crawl in a small hole in the front of the bouncing area to enter the bounce house and get to the slide. This can be a bit difficult for teens and adults. The slides within these bouncy castle slides are smaller for kids and the fun factor ends at about 12. We also have water bounce house with slides. The water bounce house rentals are the same as bounce houses with slides except they add water over the slide area. Some people also call these water slide bounce houses. They are different from regular water slides because they also have a bouncing area.  

Adult Bounce Houses

The Best teen and a adult bounce houses to rent in Cleburne are Bounce House Obstacle Course Rentals. The inflatable bounce house obstacle courses that we rent are set up for ages 5 to adult in most cases but offer a challenge for teens and adults as they race through an inflatable obstacle course bounce house that is double lanes with challenging obstacles and climbing walls until they finish with a slide at the end. The race to finish first is on to see who can clear the slide first! The other type of bounce house in Cleburne that is great for teens and adults are the interactive bounce house inflatable games. Interactive Bounce Houses for Teens is challenging and most of the time involve multiple players, which makes it great inflatable rental for larger groups of participants to play together. These are great for corporate team-building exercises or school field days. We hope this information helps you to make an informed decision on which inflatable bounce house to rent in Cleburne. Jumping house rentals make the party entertainment complete. Our goal is to make sure you choose the right bounce house so you can maximize your party fun!
Bounce Houses to Rent in Cleburne Tx

History of a Moonwalk (Bouncer)

Ever wonder how the first bounce house came about or the possibly the history of bounce house rentals? It is a useless fact, but interesting and explains the different name for them such as jumping balloon rentals and moon walk rentals.

Frank Scurlock was the person that was credited with creating the first bounce house or moonwalk as he called it in 1959. The first bounce house was more like a giant pillow or jumping balloon. They called it a Space Pillow and then a moonwalk. Mr. Scurlock and his wife also created a company that many are familiar with now called Space Walk. The first jumping balloon he created had no walls and was commonly referred to as a space pillow or jumping balloon. If you really think about it, the name Space Walk is a combination of Space Pillow and Moonwalk. Bounce House birthday party rentals grew to be huge.

It was actually Mr. Scurlock's wife that came up with the idea to rent inflatable jumping houses to others for for social events. Thus a new business was born in renting inflatable bouncy castles. Since this time, inflatables have evolved a great deal and are called many different things like jumpers, bouncers, jumping castles, bounce houses, jumping balloons, party jumpers, moonwalks and more. Because of Mr. Scurlock's invention, you can rent a jumper in Cleburnre for your party!

Prices of Local Bounce House Rentals in Cleburne

The prices of bounce houses in Cleburne vary a great deal depending on size and style. We offer all price ranges as low at $150.00 up to $800 for our large obstacle course bouncers. You can see all of our pricing with the pictures of each inflatable. Don't search for cheap bounce house rentals or you can end of with something you didn't bargain for. Not all companies purchase quality inflatable jumpers and some do not clean their bouncers. You can trust that our inflatables are of great quality and will arrive to you clean and ready to use.  We offer the best local bounce house rentals in Cleburne!

We Rent Bouncy Houses in Cleburne Tx

We rent bouncy houses in Cleburne with zip codes of 76033 and 76031 and Johnson County. We think you will find our full service delivery and set-up to be very helpful on your party day. We will arrive and only need your assistance in locating the spot you would like to set your bouncy house and then to sign our paperwork. Our friendly delivery staff will handle the rest.

Cleburne is our home and we service many churches, schools, businesses and child care facilities within the city. Little Tyke Creative Learning Center is one of our long-term customers that we are proud to call not only our customers, but our friends. Hulen Park and Carver Park in Cleburne are great places to have parties and setup inflatables.

If you need an indoor venue, the Cleburne Conference Center has areas that are large enough for inflatables. To book or receive information on any of the Cleburne city parks or facilities, you would need to contact the Parks and Recreation Department. They are located at 418 W. Henderson, Cleburne, Tx. 76033. They can be contacted at 817-645-0949.

If you are looking for a jumping castle in the Cleburne area, trust Inflatable Party Magic to make your party perfect.

We also deliver Joshua bouncy houses rentals as well as other surrounding areas.

Frequently Asked Questions about Party Jumper Rentals

We rent more than just inflatables to Cleburne. We rent Cleburne tents, tables and chairs, rock climbing wall, concession machines, mechanical bulls, Euro Bungee Trampoline, Virtual Reality Roller Coaster rental, Trackless Train, giant games, carnival games, dunk tanks, and more.
City of Cleburne Courthouse as County Seat

All About Cleburne Texas

Since Cleburne is our home, we know all the fun facts and exactly how the city of Cleburne Began.

Cleburne was actual selected as the County Seat back in 1867. It's formal incorporation wasn't until 1871. This selection gave way to our beautiful courthouse and centerpiece of the city.

Cleburne was the first road in the county and the buffalo creek supplied water along the route making it a stop for cattelmen on the Chisholm Trail . You should checkout the Chisholm Trail Museum sometime. This is an awesome outdoor historical museum that reflects on the Chisholm Trail Days. They have some really awesome events several times a year.

Did you know that Cleburne was home to Santa Fe Rail railway back in the day? That was also one of Cleburne's claim to fame. It took it's first passenger in 1892. The Santa Fe shops were one of Cleburne's biggest employers. The Old Santa Fe Shops still exist, but is now run by Gunderson.

Just a few fun facts about our quaint little town. One source used for this information was city of Cleburne history from the Wikipedia and Cleburne Texas Historic Texas.
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