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Benbrook Mechanical Bull Rental

Benbrook Mechanical Bull Rentals
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  Mechanical Bull Rental Texas

Displayed Price is for up to a 2 hour mechanical bull rental

Additional hours can be booked for an additional price per hour

Mechanical Bull Rentals are staffed and ran by Inflatable Party Magic 

Mechanical Bull Rental Texas
Mechanical Bull Rental Texas
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Ride Off Dueling Mechanical Bull Rental
Ride Off Dueling Mechanical Bull Rental
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Benbrook Mechanical Bull Rentals near me

Rent the Best Mechanical Bull in Benbrook Tx

Benbrook Mechanical Bull rental don't get any better than this!   Our bull rentals will put the others to shame with high-quality upgrades for an upscale appearance and safety features built-in.   Inflatable Party Magic staff members are thoroughly trained to ensure the best and safest experience with your mechanical bull rental.

The listed price of the bull ride rental is up to 2 hours for the standard rental. You can add additional hours for extra time. We provide a trained staff member who stays with the bull and operates it to ensure maximum fun and safety.

Looking to add a fun challenge to your next Benbrook party? Inflatable Party Magic brings the mechanical bull fun straight to you!  Test your skills and see if you've got the hang of it - it's perfect for birthday parties, church events, afer-proms, graduation parties, corporate parties, festivals, backyard bashes, or any event that needs a little extra excitement.  We offer safe and well-maintained bulls, so climb aboard and see if you can last the 8 second ride!  Kick up your event with a mechanical bull rental in Benbrook! Perfect for all ages, our bull provides safe, thrilling fun.

Don't miss out on the chance to add this Mechanical Bull Rental in Benbrook for a heart-pounding attraction to your event. "Cowboy Up" and secure your bull rentals today!
Rent the Mechanical Bull Rentals Benbrook

You Have Choices in Mechanical Bull Fun

Inflatable Party Magic offers two different bull riding experiences in Benbrook:
  • The Classic Mechanical Bull: This popular bull features adjustable bucking patterns for all skill levels, from beginner to rodeo pro.
  • The Ride-Off Bull Challenge: Perfect for friendly competition! Two riders go head-to-head on synchronized bulls controlled by the same panel. Who can hang on the longest?
Our company rents either of these bull choices for up to 2 hours for the standard rental. You can add additional hours for extra time. We provide a trained staff member that stays with the bull and operates it to ensure maximum fun and safety.

Booking a Mechancial Bull in Benbrook is Simple

Booking your Benbrook mechanical bull rental is super simple with Inflatable Party Magic's user-friendly online reservation system. Create an adventure with our state-of-the-art Mechanical Bull Rental in Benbrook, Tx. Just a few clicks on our website lets you choose your event date and time, follow easy instructions, and secure your spot with a deposit. You'll quickly receive a confirmation email to ensure everything is set for your thrilling ride.

If you prefer a personal touch or need assistance, our dedicated team is eagerly waiting at 817-800-8618 to guide you through the booking process or to handle it over the phone for your convenience. Inflatable Party Magic is not just a service; we're a family-owned business committed to extending our warmth and personalized care to every customer. We're excited to bring a dash of wild West fun to your event with our deluxe Mechanical Bull Rental, available throughout Benbrook and the DFW area.

Other Party Rental Options to Complete Your Bull Rental

Looking for other event rental items to complete your mechanical bull ride ental in Benbrook Tx? Want to make your mechanical bull riding rental even more fun? We also rent Benbrook bounce houses to rent, Benbrook Dunk Tanks, Benbrook water slides, Benbrook obstacle courses, and other Benbrook party rentals. Check out everything we offer for event rentals in Benbrook to make your mechanical bull rididng event even better below:
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Mechanical Bull Rental in Benbrook
Mechanical Bull rides in Benbrook are the best from Inflatable Party Magic. You can trust our company for your bull riding adventures as we are fully insured and state inspected for renting mechanical bulls. Our staff are fully trained and stay with your rental to make sure your bull riding experience is the best it can be and safe as it can be.

Check out our video for the Benbrook Mechanical Bull Ride Rentals.
Benbrook Mechanical Bull Rentals near me

Benbrook Bull Rentals for Corporate Events

Mechanical Bull Rentals in Benbrook are the ultimate corporate event rental. If you are having a corporate event in Benbrook, the bull could be what makes your event a success! If you are looking for entertainment that will get event attendees involved, the bull rental is what you are looking for. The sheer fun of watching your co-workers maneuver to stay on the bull is entertainment in itself. The room will be full of laughter and cheers.

Are you having a rodeo themed party in the Benbrook? We rent the rodeo mechanical bull in Benbrook to make your rodeo party the best. Just rent a mechanical bull to create the rodeo! We can make your rodeo mechanical bull rental the best experience ever with our trained staff.

Are you worried you don't know how to ride a mechanical bull? No need to stress. You don't need to know how to ride the mechanical bull. It is for an overall fun experience to add to your Benbrook party and we will help you learn how to ride our bull ride rental. There are multiple settings our participants can enjoy and our operators can help you learn a few things to make it more fun and your ride on the bull last longer. Riding a mechanical bull has never been as much fun as we make it.
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Church Youth Group Mechanical Bull Rentals Benbrook

Church Youth Group Mechanical Bull Rentals Benbrook

Are you looking for the perfect entertainment for church youth groups in Benbrook? Mechanical Bull rentals in Benbrook are perfect for church children's ministries and youth group entertainment. We provide many different interactive party rentals for churches to complete their entertainment needs. Try our mechanical bull rental at your next church event and watch the magic unfold! The kids will love the bull and our staff will make sure they have fun and safe time.
Benbrook Mechanical Bull rentals near me
Mechanical Bull Rentals in Benbrook TX

Rent a  Competitive Ride Off Mechanical Bull For College Events and School Events

Mechanical Bulls are very popular for College events in Benbrook. It is sometimes hard to get students and families to attend extracurricular events. The mechanical bull can attract the crowds to your school or college event.

Wanting to raise money at your Benbrook school festival? You can charge per ride for the mechanical bull rental to bring in money at your school carnival or festival.

The bull is great for ages 7 to adult and is a proven crowd pleaser. You can trust Inflatable Party Magic to keep your kids safe. We send out experienced staff and use the Galaxy mechanical bull, which is known to be one of the safest bulls in the industry. Try our bull and see the Inflatable Party Magic difference!
Rent the Ride Off Bull for Your event in Benbrook

We Rent Mechanical Bulls in Benbrook Tx

We rent mechanical bull rides to Benbrook and other North Texas cities near you such as Fort Worth, mechanical bull in Fort Worth.

Let us make your Mechanical bull ride rentals in Benbrook Tx the best bull ride in Texas!

Our Benbrook Mechanical Bull Rental Service Area

If your mechanical rock climbing wall rental for your party is outside our normal service area, just let us know! We do deliver even farther out, and special accommodations can sometimes be made for your party or event near Benbrook.

NOTE: Travel fees may apply to some areas.


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