Weatherford Bounce House Rentals: Jump into the fun!

Weatherford Bounce House Rentals- Jump into the Fun!

Weatherford Bounce House Rentals

Create the Magic with Bounce House Rentals Weatherford Tx

Jump into the fun with Weatherford Bounce House Rentals from Inflatable Party Magic.  We specialize in offering the best bounce house rentals in Weatherford Tx. and with over 20 years of experience, you can trust our team with your event and bounce house rentals. Inflatable Party Magic offers the most complete line of safe and secure bounce house rentals in Weatherford, TX. Our wide selection of bounce houses lets you choose the perfect bouncer for any occasion. We are your best choice to rent a bounce house near me.  Let us make your event a magical success!
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Bounce House Rentals Weatherford TX

What Makes Our Bounce House Rentals The Best

Easy Online Booking 
 Our easy online booking makes it effortless to plan your event. We have a rental solution for any budget. Plus, we offer much more than just bounce houses and inflatable rentals! Check out all the event rentals we have to offer.  We make renting a bounce house in Weatherford Tx super fast and simple with our online booking system that can be used 24/7.

Trustworthy Service with Quality you can Trust for your Bounce House Rentals in Weatherford Tx

 When it comes to planning an event, trust our company with your bounce house and event rentals. We have a long history of providing top-notch service and satisfaction for our customers!  We're dedicated to providing quality service and top-notch inflatables to our customers. Our mission is simply to provide the best quality equipment at the lowest prices we can offer them while maintaining a high level of customer service and satisfaction.  You will be impressed with our friendly and professional staff.  They will help to ensure that your party and event rentals are delivered on time and set up safely.  We pride ourselves in delivering fun!  If you want to stand out from the crowd, we offer unique inflatables with many different themes to choose from. Our bounce houses and inflatable rentals are always inspected to ensure they are safe and ready for your party. Plus, with our online booking system it's easy and fast to rent the perfect bounce house for your event.

We Rent More Than Just Bounce Houses

 Inflatable Party Magic offers much more than just bounce houses and inflatables. We have a wide selection of rental items for any event - from tents and tables to carnival games and more!  You can rent a bounce house in Weatherford confidently since our company has been in business for over 20 years and provides quality rental products and services. We offer the largest selection of inflatable and event rentals near me in Weatherford and DFW Texas. It is true, our inflatable rentals are second to none.  You will love our selection of inflatables for kids teens and adults.
Don't let the inflatable rentals fool you though, we do much more than just inflatable and bounce house rentals in Weatherford Tx. We offer all types of party and event rentals such as rock climbing walls, obstacle course bounce houses, water bounce houses, bumper cars to rent, tents, tables, chairs, giant games, carnival games, dunk tanks, bungee trampolines, mechanical bulls, mini golf, trackless trains, rock climbing wall, virtual reality roller coasters, create a bear parties, mechanical rides, and so much more. Let our company show you that we have the best bounce houses for rent in Parker County!

Check out our full inventory of rentals to make sure you get everything you need for your next party or event.

Inflatable Rentals and More Delivered to Weatherford Texas

 Check out all the bounce house and inflatable rentals we offer in Weatherford.  There are no limitations to the fun you can have with all the choices that our event rentals in Weatherford include.  In addition to the common inflatable rentals such as bounce houses, obstacle courses, and water inflatables, Inflatable Party Magic offers the hard-to-find party rental items such as  mechanical bull rentals, bumper car rentals, mobile rock climbing walls, euro bungee trampolines, dunk tanks, giant games, tent rentals, tables and chairs,  and other party & event rentals in Weatherford, Tx.  If you are looking for the highest quality and most impressive party and event rental equipment, you can feel certain that Inflatable Party Magic will carefully and professionally take care of your needs. Rent a bounce house near me with confidence. We have been providing bounce house, water slide, and party rentals to the Weatherford, Tx area since we began in 2002. With a proven track record and 20 years providing party rentals we are rated number one for quality and customer service.
The Types of Events We Commonly Deliver to In Weatherford Include:
  • Corporate party rentals
  • Field days
  • School events
  • Church events,
  • College events
  • Festivals
  • City events
Weatherford Inflatable Rentals near me

Inflatable Bounce House Rentals near me

With Inflatable Party Magic, you can make your next celebration an unforgettable experience with our unique inflatable bounce house rental near me and party packages. We offer a wide variety of themes to choose from as well as special packages that allow you to save on multiple items.

Inflatable Party Magic is proud to be Weatherford's #1 party and event rental company. Don't look any further than Inflatable Party Magic for your "bounce houses near me for rent" or "bounce house rentals near me".  We have it all.

Our company strives to keep pricing low but quality high.  We know that you are looking for value in your rentals.  You can be assured that our rental items are priced as low as they can possibly be for the quality you expect.

Check out our complete
inventory to see how we can make your next event one to remember.

Toddler Bounce House Rentals Weatherford Tx

How to Choose a Bounce House that is Age-Appropriate for Your Guests

Are you having trouble choosing a bounce house to rent that is age appropriate for your party guests?  
We get this question a lot and we feel the information below best describes each type of bounce houses you can rent and what ages they work the best with.

Standard Bounce Houses

 Ages 2 to 12
Standard bounce houses or small bounce houses to rent are great for smaller children up to about age 12. Adults can get in a bounce house, but there is a weight limit and the number of participants at a time must be reduced. Additionally, bouncy houses rental should not have mixed ages and sizes as all participants share the bouncing space and larger guests can fall on and injure smaller guests. Some people all call these moonwalks and bouncy houses, but they are talking about the same thing.  All of these function exactly the same.

Toddler Bounce Houses

 Age 2 to 10
Toddler bounce house rentals in Weatherford are the best for ages 2 to 7, but can be used by ages 2 to 10. Bounce house rentals for toddlers include a jumping space throughout, pop-up obstacles shaped like characters to interact with, and a slide. These are perfect because the attention span of a smaller child is not very long. Smaller kids like to stay very busy so they can jump a little then at the same time, hug or interact with a pop-up character or shape and then move over just a few feet and climb or even crawl up a small slanted climbing wall and slide down a small slide geared just for them. Another feature about toddler bounce house rentals is that they do not have a top on the bounce house creating an open concept so that smaller kids can see the sky above them and not feel insecure or trapped all the way around. Toddler bounce houses in Weatherford can be used well for ages 2 to 10, but are highly recommended for ages 2 to 7. We are always asked can adults get in the Toddler Bounce House and the answer is yes. Adults can get in the toddler bounce houses to rent as they are commercial inflatables, but the fun factor on this definitely ends at 12 as the elements within the toddler jumper are much smaller.

Bounce House with Slide Rentals

Age 5 to 12
Bounce House with Slide Rentals are great for ages 5 to 12 as they offer a bouncing area, basketball goal, climbing wall, and a slide. Smaller children as young as 2 years of age can safely play on the bouncy house slides, but they might not be able to climb the climbing wall. These types of combo bounce houses are also called jumper slide rentals at some rental companies.  They combine a standard bouncer with a slide and climbing wall creating a combo of sorts. 

 Older kids love to be challenged and have more to do than just jump. The bouncy castles with slides keep them busy and offer a larger climbing wall and slide than the toddler bounce houses to rent. Adults can safely use the bouncer combos too, but keep in mind that you must crawl in a small hole in the front of the bouncing area to enter the bounce house and get to the slide. This can be a bit difficult for teens and adults. The slides within these bouncy castle slides are smaller for kids and the fun factor ends at about 12.

We also have water bounce house with slides. The water bounce house rentals are the same as bounce houses with slides only you get the added benefit water over the slide area.  In the Texas heat, this is a necessary option for late Spring and Summer month.  Some people also call these water slide bounce houses. They are different from regular water slides because they also have a bouncing area connected to the water slide and work well for smaller kids that are scared of huge straight-down stand alone waterslide.  

Adult Bounce Houses

Inflatable Party Magic offers the best adult bounce houses bounce house rentals in Weatherford, providing hours of interactive fun for teens and adults. Our obstacle courses are designed to offer a challenge to all ages including adults and teens.

Our Adult bounce houses offer hours of Interactive entertainment for ages 5 to adult.   Our obstacle courses provide hours of interactive fun and challenge everyone as they race through an inflatable course bounce house that is double lanes with challenging obstacles and climbing walls until they finish with a slide at the end.  The race is on from beginning to end!

In summary

We hope this information helps you to make an informed decision on which inflatable bounce house to rent in Weatherford. Jumping house rentals make your party entertainment complete. Our goal is to make sure you choose the right bounce house so you can maximize the fun at your party!
Weatherford Carnival and Backyard games

Carnival Games Make the Perfect Addition to a Bounce House Party

Carnival and backyard games can complete any party. You can add them to any rental item to create the perfect party in Weatherford.  The bounce house provides physical activity while the carnival games bring on competition and skill.  Everyone loves a little friendly competition.

Inflatable Party Magic has a great selection of carnival and backyard games to make your party the best. There are many games to choose from giant games such as connect 4, Jenga, operation, ring toss, checkers, and other carnival games such as corn hole, flying froggy, penguin fling, ring the horn on the unicorn, yard pong, and many more.

Carnival Games can help you bring the party indoors in case of bad weather.  Carnival and backyard party games can go indoors if the weather takes a turn for the worse and help you pull off your party no matter what mother nature dishes out on your special day.
Carnival Game Rentals in Weatherford
Bounce House To Rent Weatherford Tx near me

We Rent Bounce Houses in Weatherford Tx

 We provide the #1 Weatherford bounce houses and Event Rentals in Weatherford.  Weatherford is one of our preferred cities to provide bounce house and event entertainment.  We provide the most complete  line of Event Rentals  in Parker County. 
Weatherford has been one of our number-one city's since we began our business over 20 years ago.  There is small delivery fee to your area based on zip code and will be between $25.00 to $35.00.
Weatherford is a large and valued part of our service area and includes residential customers, churches, schools, and businesses.  Our Weatherford customer base is very broad and includes city as well as rural areas.  Weatherford is one of our horse country cities that provides great landscapes and a historic downtown courthouse area that and has much to offer..

 Weatherford has some really great park and event options with no limitations of places to have parties and host events. Holland Lake Park, Heritage Lake Park, and McGratton Park are just a few examples.  The
Diamond H3 Ranch is one of the many venues to hold special events and weddings. 

If you are considering having your party at one of the city parks, do not forget to call the parks and recreation department to reserve your spot and time and take care of any paperwork they may have for you.  Many cities are now requiring you provide proof of the state required insurance before setting up inflatables at their parks.

Inflatable Party Magic does carry the required insurance and can furnish that for you. Texas state law does require inflatable companies to carry insurance and be inspected for safety annually. Inflatable Party Magic does meet those requirements.   

For a list of Weatherford Parks and Facilities,
connect to their website.  The Weatherford, Texas Parks and Recreation is located at 119 Palo Pinto St., Weatherford, Tx. 76086 and their Phone number is 817-598-4124. Inflatable Party Magic has been in business for many years and strives to be the best at what we do. 
These items will help you prepare:
All inflatable orders require:  
  • A clear path from the street all the way to your setup area
  • The jumpers require a 3-4' path since they are so large. (we cannot lift the 500 pound jump over your wall,  A/C unit or through your house).  If you do not have a clear path of 3 to 4 ft, be prepared to setup the inflatable in your front yard as we will not be able to fit it through an area less than this.  
  • If you have stairs or a tiered backyard please call the office to discuss setup options.
  • Please note that some of our largest rental items do require more than even a 4ft path.  If that is true, that will be stated under the setup area of that item on our website.
  • You will need to clear the setup area of any  animal waste (must be picked up in the area that we set the rental items) rocks, stickers or sharp objects (or doggie traps).
  •  We don't set up inflatables on rocks- if you had planned to setup on gravel or any type of rocks, you will find an alternate place for setup.
  • You will receive pre-rental reminders- Review these and make sure that all of your delivery information is listed correctly.
  • If you plan to setup on concrete or turf and you marked grass setup- contact our office immediately as we will need to change that setting so that the drivers bring sandbags for setup.  There is a surface setup fee for concrete.  Our drivers cannot return to our shop on delivery day for sandbags so make sure you have ordered those if you plan to setup on concrete or turf.

 Generator Rentals:
 If you have ordered a Generator, please note that they will come with a full tank of gas.  This tank of gas will normally run about 4 hours.  This can be variable with different conditions.  We do not provide gas for a refill.  We only provide a full tank on the generator when it arrives to you.  You will need to have a gas can with unleaded fuel to refill the generator if you event runs longer than 4 hours.  We recommend you opening the gas lid and checking after 4 hours.  If it is low fuel, shut down the generator and refill.  Then start back up and continue.  Never refill a generator while it is running

Additional Delivery information reminders

Churches, Schools, Businesses, and Public Venues: A time will be specifically scheduled with you for drop off and pickup.  That is normally one hour before your start time.  In some instances, we may have to arrive much earlier to guarantee you items to be setup ontime if you have a larger order.  Please call our offices if you have questions about your deliver or setup at 817-800-8618.

Home Deliveries:
We will be deliveing your rental  between 7:30am and the beginning time you have selected on your order and we will pickup within 3 hours after the end time you selected on your order unless we have already set up a specialized time with you. For churches, schools, corporations, and colleges. We will setup specialized delivery times with you as the units cannot be left unattended. If you have already spoke with us and setup specialized times, we will have that noted on your paperwork and have a specific delivery time assiged to you.

If you selected a party time frame of longer than 8 hours, you are being charged at a rate of 7% extra for every hour over 8 hours.  This was added in at the time you selected a longer time frame than 8 hours.  The order times selected cannot be changed in less than 48 hours before the day of the party.

Specific time deliveries are not available unless you have that arranged with our company. We normally only do specific time deliveries for our school, church, corporate, and college events.  There is a specific time delivery fee of $50 for backyard or park parties.   We deliver all deliveries between 8 am and the time that you specified as your order start time and pickup after the ending time specified on your order.  Backyard party pickup times are also done on a range between your ending time and 11pm as you naturally fall in the pickup route.

 Underground Lines and Water Lines: All Inflatable units and tents must be staked in the ground with 18" stakes (inflatables) & 36" stakes (tents). If you have water lines or underground lines in the area you wish to place your inflatable or tent, you must mark with flags the location of each line before we arrive to install your inflatable or tent. Inflatable Party Magic neither accepts or assumes any responsibility for broken or damaged underground lines of any kind (water, electrical, etc). It is the responsibility of the Lessee to advise the Leaser as to the location of any such underground lines. These lines should be clearly found and marked with flags prior to the arrival of Inflatable Party Magic. We will accept no responsibility or be responsible for any damages or costs incurred for repairing any underground lines or water lines for any reason.

 Specific time deliveries are not available unless you have that arranged with our company. We normally only do specific time deliveries for our school, church, corporate, and college events.  There is a specific time delivery fee of $50 for backyard or park parties.  We deliver all deliveries between 8 am and the time that you specified as your party start time and pickup after the ending time specified for your event. Backyard party pickup times are also done on a range between your ending time and 11pm as you naturally fall in the pickup route.

Additional Delivery specific info:

Setup:  You are required to be on-site at the setup time we have indicated we will be arriving so that we can ensure that we are setup to your satisfaction (location of where we place the units). Keep in mind some units may not be able to go exactly where you planned if there is a pitch/electric wires/setup problems; but our staff will get as close to your ideal location as possible if that were to happen.  Please make sure you are on site between 8am and the start time of your order.  Be certain you also have space for the truck/trailer to park prior to our arrival.  Unfortunately, our staff cannot wait for someone to arrive on site or move the inflatable/tent after it is already setup.  

 Bad Weather: If the weather turns bad and it is raining, you can decide to move your party to another date or cancel and receive a raincheck that is good for one year before we have delivered and setup.  Once it is delivered and setup, no rainchecks are discounts are given.  Deposits are non-refundable.  You can change your party rental to a different date, but otherwise, deposits are non-refundable and will not be refunded. We will give you a raincheck that is good for one year.  If you have already paid in full, we can refund everything over the deposit less a 5% re-stocking fee to cover transaction fees we incurred. You can choose to take a raincheck for the full amount instead of a refund for the amount over the deposit and receive a raincheck for 100% of everything you have paid.

  Note: Unless, the weather is so bad as to risk our equipment, we leave the decision up to you since your area might not be affected by weather conditions as much as another.  Our main safety concern is wind.  When winds go higher than approx. 20 MPH, jumps become unsafe regardless of our tie down methods.  If you are concerned, please call our office.  Note: All jumps must be staked or tied down to something.  If you have synthetic turf or concrete for your set up area, we will need know this so we can bring the appropriate items to secure your inflatable.  Please call if you have questions.

  Cancellations: Deposits are non-refundable.  We will issue you a raincheck good for one year for any deposit that was paid if you need to cancel for any reason.

Payment must be made prior to or at the time of delivery.  We will not setup your inflatable until any remaining balances are paid in full.  When paying with cash we ask for exact change as our drivers do not carry change with them. Due to the amount of returned checks, We no longer accept checks as a form of payment. Churches, Schools and businesses that have rented from us before and have a working relationsip with us can give us a business check upon delivery, but members of the church, school, or business cannot write personal checks. We do not accept personal checks for any reason! If Gratuity is deserved, it is welcomed for our Delivery personnel.

 Additional Vendors:

Make sure if any other inflatable vendors, individuals, or amusement companies, will be providing additional inflatables or amusement devices, that you have provided that information to Inflatable Party Magic LLC so we can verify that they meet the minimum requirements of Texas law regarding inflatables and amusement devices per the Texas Department of Insurance.  These requirements are state law and we have a duty to follow them as well as have the required insurance and annual state inspection certificates.  We cannot setup with other inflatables or amusement vendors that do not meet the minimum requirements of the law.  These inflatables would be considered illegal for use in the state of Texas and we cannot be a part of such an act for safety and legal reasons.

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Our Service Area in Weatherford and Surrounding Areas
If the bounce rental for your party is outside our normal service area, just let us know! We do deliver even farther out, and special accommodations can sometimes be made for your party or event location.

We travel to most DFW Texas areas.  The above are just a few of the 30-plus cities we deliver too.

Check out our full service area at:
NOTE: Extra fees may vary depending on how far you are outside our service area.
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