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Human Foosball


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Setup Area: 29 x 51 x 14ft tall

Actual Size: 27 x 49 x 14 ft tall

Outlets: 1

Age Group: 4 to adult


Human Foosball Rental

Rent Human Foosball

Human Foosball Rental from Inflatable Party Magic is the best! Rent Human Foosball for your next group event.  Human Foosball is great for team building events.   We rent the Human Foosball Inflatable Game to the Dallas/ Fort Worth area. Our inflatable High Voltage Human Foosball rental will add some energy to your next event. 

What is better than Life Size Human Foosball? To play inflatable human foosball game rental, you can have up to 10 players at a time and each player takes a foosball position.  Once the ball is in play, all participants just as they would if someone were operating them on a foosball game.  Participants work to kick the ball and make a goal while other participants from the opposing team, work to stop the goal and get it back in play toward their goal.  The excitement in playing human foosball is extreme.  The beauty of human foosball is that it can work with participants through quickly making it the ultimate game for school and church events. This is an incredible live version of the foosball game you have played in the arcades.  It provides a 5 on 5 challenge that can build excitement quickly.  The High Voltage Human Foosball can easily create the perfect team-building event for corporations or school or church events.  Everyone loves Foosball why not make it life sized human foosball and get everyone involved? This life-sized inflated version provides an even better challenge.  Elementary-age kids, middle school kids, teens, and even adults will enjoy this inflatable.  

There is no ceiling on the age level for fun!  If you are looking for the ultimate teen or adult inflatable rental, Human Foosball is just that. The Human Foosball Inflatable is a great team-building game for larger events.  If you are looking for live reality games to play, this is live human foosball and can complement your reality game competition.

 **  we think it is probably implied that this unit does not have an inflated floor as it is a foosball arena, but we want to make sure you realize it is not a giant bounce house.  If you are looking for a bounce house check out our bounce house categoryIf you are looking for other interactive games to play, check our our interactive game category.

Human Foosball Rental Specifics

Human Foosball Infllatable is a great life sized game rental for all ages and can be played indoor or outdoor.  The inflatable human foosball arena is a 49 x 27 x 14 ft.   Since this game is only 14ft tall, it can go indoors with ceilings of 14ft tall or taller.  Weather will not affect the ability to play this game. Mixed ages can play this game together and have fun. This game is the perfect addition to any event and can occupy 10 players at a time.  We have gotten rave reviews from church youth groups and school field days for the Human Foosball rental.  It is perfect for hard-to-please teens as well. Try it at your next event.

How to Play Human Foosball

  1. There are two separate teams and each team must choose Players for it's team
  2. Each team must assign a position for each player
  3. Flip a coin to see who goes first
  4. The ball is then thrown in to start play
  5. A point is scored when the ball enters the goal area or breaks the plane at the goal. A ball entering the goal but then bounces out into the play field is still a goal. Once a goal is scored, the goalie for the team who was scored on re-starts the game by kicking the ball out, to one of his/her players. 
  6. Once play has begun players can only switch positions with teammates.
  7. To win, your team must score 5 points. So, if you score five times before your opponent scores five goals, then your team has won the game. Most foosball matches consist of a few games.
  8. Players must hold onto the horizontal ropes with both hands at all times
  9. Players are not allowed to hang from the ropes
  10. It is a foul if any player, intentionally or not, is hit with the ball above the shoulders
  11. Players can block the ball with their arms as long as they keep holding onto the rope
  12. During each period, both teams are allowed only one substitution, and they have to complete it within 15 seconds
  13. If the referee or monitor notices that one team is intentionally stalling play, they will be given a warning, and if it continues, a penalty kick will be given to the other team.

You can also view the official human foosball rules.

We Rent Human Foosball to DFW 

Inflatable Party Magic rents the Human Foosball inflatable to the Texas cities of Cleburne, Fort Worth, Forest Hill, Kennedale, River Oaks, Southlake, Keller, Burleson, Arlington, Mansfield, Crowley, Keller, Southlake, Grand Prairie, Cedar Hill, Duncanville, Midlothian, Waxahachie, Alvarado, Venus, Maypearl, Grandview, Godley, Granbury, Glen Rose, Tolar, Weatherford, Aledo, Benbrook, Cresson, Whitney, and many other places in between.  We would love to help you with your next party or event with our interactive inflatable and games rentals.

Ready To Rent the Human Foosball Inflatable Game?

To reserve the Human Foosball inflatable game for your event, simply click on the add to cart button below and then select your date and times, and then simply follow the directions to complete your order and pay the deposit.  The deposit for the human foosball inflatable game goes directly to the rental price it is removed from the total and not added to the rental price.  If you do not like placing orders online, feel free to contact us and we will do this party for you and take your deposit over the phone for you.  We are anxious and available to assist our customers in any way we can.  Don't wait to book this item!!  It books up fast and for dates in May and October many months in advance.

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Turn up the fun with this new game at your next party or event and turn into a Magical and lasting experience!
Below are the left and right inside views of the arena.

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