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Shuffle Board Alley Game

Shuffle Board Alley Game


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Setup Area: H:6" x L:74" x W:19

Actual Size: H:6" x L:74" x W:19


Shuffle Board Alley Carnival Game Rental

Rent Carnival Games in Burleson, Tx

Inflatable Party Magic LLC is helping you Spice up your carnival or special event with the Shuffle Board Alley Carnival game rental.  The main difference between shuffleboard bowling and regular bowling is that shuffleboard bowling nixes the bowling ball in favor of shuffleboard puck. The well-crafted, smooth surfaces of shuffleboard tables are perfect for use as bowling lanes, and you’ll even build up strength as a shooter for traditional shuffleboard play.

Another fun aspect to shuffle board alley is that you can play with as many people as you like. Each player gets two turns with their shuffleboard puck. If all pins are knocked down on the first try, you have yourself a strike. Rather than scoring 10 for the frame, the player will score 10 plus the total amount knocked down during both turns in the next frame. If all pins are knocked down on the second try, you have yourself a spare. Instead of scoring 10 for the frame, the player will score 10 plus the total amount knocked down during the first turn in the next frame. As you can see, scoring is the same as regular bowling as points are tallied based on how many pins are knocked down.

 You can also play this simple for carnival or festival play and give prices or points for a strike only.  This game will keep them trying to win over and over.

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You can always add several carnival game rentals to make your event the ultimate experience or you choose one of our awesome packages to offer as many games as you can to save money on multiple games.  These games can even be what makes a backyard birthday party extraordinary.  You can keep all ages occupied at your party or event with games.  No one will ever be bored or without something to do when you add games to your order.  You will find the kids will challenge the adults and the competition will begin.

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