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    Burleson Bounce House Rentals
    Burleson Bounce House Rentals and Water Slide Rentals from Inflatable Party Magic offering the largest selection of quality party rentals in the DFW metroplex. If quality and customer service is what you are searching for, we offer just that and have been in business for over 18 years. Inflatable Party Magic LLC is your best resource for bounce house rentals in Burleson and water slide rentals in Burleson. Our elite rental selection of bounce house rentals in Burleson and party rentals in Burleson is huge and includes more than just your basic bounce house rentals by offering a complete line of party rentals such as bounce houses, water slides, mobile rock climbing walls, euro bungee, trampolines, mini golf, table and chair rentals, tent rentals, trackless trains, virtual reality roller coasters, carnival games, large inflatable games, and more.and more providing one stop shopping for all your Burleson party rental needs. We have been providing quality party and event rentals for since 2002 and are still offering up to 8 hour party rentals at a valuable price. Our Burleson, Tx bounce house rental and water slide rental party selection is very large We specialize in backyard birthday parties, but also in field days, church youth group events, church children's group events, school events, college events, and corporate events.

    If you are looking for high quality and impressive bounce house rentals, party rentals, and event rentals, our Burleson party rentals are what your are looking for. Customers rate us number one in our area for quality and customer service. We have become a highly respected name in the party rental industry over the years and would love to earn your business!

    Located near Burleson, Texas our business is able to service you within our standard delivery area with no extra delivery fees. Burleson is one of our favorite places to provide party rentals and event entertainment. The Burleson School District is one of the best in our area offering many campuses that we are proud to say we service. The people are some of the friendliest that we have met and the area is really great with no limitations of parks and places to have parties. Many neighborhoods have parks in them. We really enjoy the East Renfro area, the Chisenhall Park area, Recreation Center and YMCA, Hidden Creek Park neighborhood, and Historic Downtown Burleson as well as many other areas of the city.

    If you are considering having your bounce house rental or party rental at one of the Burleson city parks, do not forget to call the parks and recreation department to reserve your spot and time and take care of any paperwork they may have for you. Burleson is one of the cities that makes you provide proof of the state required insurance before setting up bounce house rentals or party rentals at their parks. Make sure if you don't rent from Inflatable Party Magic LLC, that the company you do choose to use that carries insurance so you can meet this Burleson bounce house and party rental requirement. Inflatable Party Magic LLC Does carry the required insurance for Burleson bounce house rentals and party rentals so that we can meet the requirements of the Burleson Parks Department. For a list of Burleson Parks and Facilities View Burleson park list here and connect to their website.The Burleson, Texas Parks and Recreation location and Phone number: Parks & Recreation Burleson Recreation Center located 550 NW Summercrest Boulevard Burleson, TX 76028. Phone: 817-426-9104.

    Inflatable Party Magic has seen bounce house rentals called moonwalk rentals, bouncy castle rentals, bounce houses near me, jumpy thing rentals, rental bounce houses, bouncey house rentals, jumper jacks rentals, bouncing house rentals and more. No matter what they have been called over the years, they provide a chance to bounce and have fun. We strive to be the best at what we do. We are fully insured and are state inspected annually in the area of bounce house rentals and amusement rentals for safety and as required by Texas State law. Our staff are fully trained and held to the highest standards and accountability in the bounce house rental and party rental industry. Our mission is to provide the best quality rental equipment at the lowest prices we can offer them while at the same time, maintaining a high level of customer service and satisfaction. Our friendly and professional staff will ensure that your Burleson bounce house rentals, party rentals and event rentals are delivered on time and setup safely so that your event becomes a cherished memory. Our customers are the reason we love what we do! We would love to add you as one of our Burleson bounce house rental and Burleson party rental customers. Check us out on Google as well.

    If you want to stand out from the crowd, we offer many unique Burleson inflatable party rentals with many differing themes to choose from. Our business offers a complete line of rentals such as bounce house rentals, inflatable water slide rentals, bounce house combos with slide rentals, toddler inflatable rentals, obstacle course rentals, interactive inflatable rentals, Create A Bear Parties, Rock Climbing Wall rentals, Euro Bungee rentals, Mini Golf rentals, trackless kiddie train rentals, tent rentals, table and chair rentals, carnival and backyard game rentals, dunk tank rentals, frozen drink/margarita machine rentals, concession machine rentals and even more Burleson party rentals. Complete party packages are offered so you can save on renting multiple party rental items.

    Burleson, Texas Bounce House Rentals

    Burleson Bounce House Combo with Slide Rentals

    Burleson Dry Bounce House Combo Rentals
    For our Burleson customers we offer a complete line of licensed and themed bounce houses rentals as well as bounce house combo rentals with slides. Our party rental equipment is cleaned and maintained excellently to ensure your safety and complete satisfaction. Inflatable Party Magic party rentals has everything you are looking for with many themed bounce houses to to choose from such as Disney Princess, Minion, Mickey Mouse, Justice League, Unicorn, Paw Patrol, Frozen , Batman, Disney Cars, Football, Sports, Carnival, Circus, and even more themes for your party rentals. Our Burleson Bounce House rental options are endless.

    We offer a huge selection of basic bounce houses rentals in generic themes and gender neutral as well to best fit your party rental needs. Bounce house rentals are a great all-around addition to any event rental. Don't forget to add the Table and Chair rentals to your order Combo bouncer rentals are quickly becoming the most popular inflatable party rental in Burleson for kids since they incorporate a standard bounce house as well as a slide and other elements such as small obstacles, climbing walls, and basketball goals all within one Inflatable. These will keep the kids busy for hours since there is so much to do. The Kids will wear themselves out and you will not be hearing that phrase every parent hates to hear "I am bored". These are the cure for boredom and encourage a fun form of exercise.

    Bounce House Combo rentals have become party and event necessities and offer kids a variety of varied experiences. At Inflatable Party Magic, we pride ourselves in offering a huge selection of bounce house combo rentals with many different styles that include varied activities. Some of these are strictly rented for dry use and some are rented so they can be used wet and become water slide rentals as well. Don't forget the Burleson table and chair rentals you can easily add to your order

    Toddler Combo Rentals Burleson, Texas

    Toddler Combo Rentals Burleson
    Toddler combo rentals have become a huge hit with toddlers and small children. Regular bounce house rentals only offer a jumping experience, which can be quite frightening for little ones as just the sound of the bounce house blower and the roof above them can make them feel trapped and seem a bit overwhelming.

    Toddler bounce combo rentals have an open top concept so the kids can see the light above them and not feel so closed in. Not to mention the noise level is completely different since there is not a top and the sound escapes. Toddler combos offer bouncing throughout them, but the bouncing space is broken up with interactive popup characters and obstacles throughout the bouncing space. In addition, they will have a small slide that is slightly slanted and a climbing wall the is also slightly slanted and positioned in a manner that makes it very easy for even a toddler to climb up and slide without assistance. Try one of our toddler combos and see why our Burleson bounce house rental customers are loving our toddler inflatables

    Water Slide Rentals Burleson

    Water Slide Rentals Burleson Texas
    Inflatable Party Magic LLC offers the best Burleson water slide rentals! We offer a huge selection of inflatable water slide rentals to choose from. Our Water Slide rentals for Burleson are superior to most of competitors when it comes to selection and quality. Don't forget, our water slide rentals are 8 hour rentals for one low price. We offer slip-n-slide water slide rentals, Bounce House Combos with Water slide rentals, and all sizes of vertical water slide rentals ranging from 12ft. tall to 24 ft tall.

    Our water slide inventory includes waterslide rentals for all no matter what age you are looking to entertain. Inflatable Party Magic offers water slide rentals for small kids, teens, and even adults. You will not find a better selection of party rentals anywhere else in the DFW or Burleson Texas area.

    Burleson Interactive Inflatable Rentals

    Burleson Interactive Inflatable Rentals
    Interactive Inflatables offer exactly what you want in the way of inflatable rentals that challenge all different age levels. Interactive inflatables are used in college events, school field days, church events, and so much more. These are the inflatable activities you are looking for if you want to entertain teens and adults.

    Inflatable Obstacle Course rentals are one of the most popular interactive inflatables. They are normally two player obstacle races in which the competitors race through different challenges and climbing walls and slide to the finish to see who has the most speed and agility. Inflatable Party Magic LLC offer obstacle course rentals in all sizes and price ranges to fit your event no matter what age range you are looking for.

    Other things you will find in this category include Bungee inflatable rentals such as Hungry Hippo Chow Down, Rapid Fire, and Tugga Touchdown, The Wrecking Ball, Interactive Play Systems, and games such as Soccer darts and Football Tosses. They have become huge party rentals and event rentals for Burleson school and church events. These are perfect addition for field days, after proms, graduation parties, and adult events.

    The Wrecking Ball is an interactive rental that has taken the entertainment business by storm. It is a four-player game in which participants stand on a pedestal and try to knock each other off with an very large and padded swinging ball.

    Interactive play system light game rentals and inflatable rentals have also become very popular and challenging. We offer the interactive play system cones and the Warp Zone arena that uses the interactive lights. These lights challenge players to carefully watch their area and follow the pattern of the lights while tapping each light they see. At the end both players receive a score electronically.

    The term interactive also includes games such as Soccer Darts, Inflatable football toss, field goal kicking, baseball, and many more. Check out our interactive inflatable rental selection, Burleson Bounce House Rentals, and Burleson Party Rentals from our main website. You can simply click on the link above to check them out for yourself.

    Burleson Tent Rental, Table Rental and Chair Rental

    Are you looking for Tents rentals, table rental or chair rentals in Burleson? Inflatable Party Magic provides all of those party rental items for you. Only very high quality high peak commercial tent rentals are in our inventory. Cathedral window style sidewalls can even be added to your tent rental to provide weather protection and an upscale look. Look no further for top quality tent rentals and table and chair rentals in the Burleson, Texas area.

    Folding chair rentals are available in white and black. If you are having a wedding or an event that needs white resin garden chair rentals, we offer those as well to help dress up your event.

    Table Rentals are available in both rectangle and round. 6ft rectangle tables are available in black and white, 8ft. rectangular tables are available in black and white, 48inch round and 60inch round table rentals are available in white.

    Our tent rentals, table and chair rentals are cleaned after each use and maintained to a high level of excellence.

    Create A Bear Parties in Burleson

    Create A Bear Parties Burleson, Tx
    Inflatable Party Magic offers this unique party idea with Create a Bear parties that can be done in your own home or location in Burleson. We are one of the few companies offering you and your children the opportunity to make their own stuffed friend in the comfort of your own environment. We literally know how to bring the fun to you.

    Why should you have to load up kids and go to the mall to make bears or have a party somewhere else? Create A Bear is the perfect solution for a birthday party, church, school, or daycare event because sometimes kids want to do something different. TED is cute little Bear that helps your kiddos make their new stuffed best friend.

    With Create a Bear there is no need for party favors since they leave with their new stuffed best friend and party favor.

    Carnival Game Rentals and Backyard Game Rentals in Burleson

    Carnival and Backyard Games
    Carnival game rentals and backyard party game rentals can complete any party. You can add them to inflatable rentals, food machines rentals, or table rentals and chair rentals to create the perfect party.

    Inflatable Party Magic has a great selection of carnival game rentals and backyard game rentals to make your party completely awesome. The many games rentals to choose from include games such as giant connect 4, giant Jenga, giant operation, giant ring toss, giant checkers, corn hole, flying froggy, penguin fling, ring the horn on the unicorn, yard pong, and more.

    One of the best things about carnival game rentals and backyard party game rentals is that they can go indoors if the weather takes a turn for the worse. Being in in Texas, we all know that and our weather changes hourly. With these games, the party can go on.

    Burleson Dunk Tank Rentals

    Dunk Tank Rental Burleson, Tx
    Inflatable Party Magic offers a dunk tank for event fun and even fundraising opportunities. Burleson Dunk Tank rentals are the perfect addition to any school, community, corporate or church functions. Have you ever wanted to get back at your friend or boss? Dunk tank rentals offer that option in the form of showing off your throwing arm and submerging them into cold water.

    Our dunk tank rentals feature a safety window so you can see who or what is in the water at all times to keep the fun safe.

    Hurray and Book our dunk tank for you next event in Burleson, Texas soon!

    Our Delivery and Service areas

    Inflatable Party Magic LLC Bounce House Rentals and Party Rentals can meet all of your bounce house rental and party rental needs with quality and customer service being our number one priority. Trust our 18 years of experience, and let us provide the party rental entertainment to your next party. We deliver bounce house rentals and party rentals to many Texas Cities with service area including Cleburne, Alvarado, Burleson, Midlothian, Maypearl, Crowley, Godley, Joshua, Lillian, Granbury , Glen Rose, Acton, Tolar, Lipan, Aledo, Fort Worth, Southlake , Rio Vista, Grandview, Venus, Waxahachie, Red Oak, Whitney, Covington, Itasca, Blum, Hillsboro, Kopperl, , Arlington, Mansfield, Kennedale, Benbrook, Grand Prairie , Cedar Hill , Weatherford, Cresson, River Oaks, and other cities in the following counties: Johnson County, Hill County, Ellis County, Hood County, Somervell County, Bosque County, and Tarrant County. For a map and complete listing of our delivery area as well as pricing, visit our Delivery Area Page.

    You can also visit our store categories below to view our full variety of rentals. 817-800-8618 or visit our complete website at

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    Check out our Burleson Blog page as well. We add party planning information monthly to help you get the most out of your parties.
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