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Welcome to Inflatable Party Magic, your one-stop-shop for Birthday Party Rentals in DFW Texas!  Make your party unforgettable with our top-rated birthday party rentals in DFW Texas! We offer safe and inspected bounce houses, water slides, giant games, carnival games, obstacle courses, and more. With over 20 years of experience, great customer service, and 500+ 5-star reviews, Inflatable Party Magic is your go-to party company for toddler birthdays, teen birthdays, adult birthdays, children's birthdays, carnival birthday party, and tween birthdays. Book now and make your birthday party rental near me a blast!  Birthday rentals have never been easier.
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The Best Birthday Parties in DFW Tx

We offer a wide variety of rental options for every kind of birthday party imaginable.

Our rentals include everything from bounce houses and water slides to giant games, carnival games, bumper cars, VR roller coasters, obstacle courses, tables and chairs, tents, rock climbing walls, mini golf, concession machines, movie screens, inflatable games, trackless trains, and photo booths. Whatever your vision is for your party, we have the perfect party rentals to bring it to life.

Not only do we offer a huge selection of rentals, but we are also inspected, insured, and committed to safe setup and great customer service.

But we know that planning a party can be stressful and overwhelming, which is why we're here to help. Our team is dedicated to making the process as easy and stress-free as possible, so you can focus on enjoying the celebration. Let us take care of the setup, breakdown, and everything in between, so you can sit back and enjoy the party.

So why wait? Book your birthday party rentals with Inflatable Party Magic today and get ready to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Want Something Different for your Kids Birthday Party?

Are you tired of the same old birthday party year after year? Let us help you create a celebration that will have your guests talking for weeks to come. From small, intimate gatherings to large, blowout bashes, we have the rentals and expertise to help you pull off a party that will be the envy of all your friends.

If you want a unique birthday party, we can help! With the many party rental items that we offer, we can help you make your party different from the parties you have already attended. The options are endless! We can help you put together a party package that will blow your guests away!

Sometimes you just have to think out of the box. An inflatable bouncer is always a great way to entertain your guests, but what about adding a carnival game to your order? seems like something small right? If you choose the right carnival game for your guests, it can be huge. The carnival games and giant games offer a challenge and require a skill set. This can sometimes occupy some guests for long periods of time as the competition begins.

Birthday Party Rentals

Need some help deciding on the best party rental items? We can help!

You can rest assured that no matter what you choose to rent, all of our equipment is inspected and insured, ensuring your safety and satisfaction.

Unique Birthday Rental Ideas

Here are Some Ideas to Make Your Birthday Rentals Unique

You can easily make your birthday rentals unique by planning and adding simple things. Ideas and to Help you being Planning:

  • Choose Your Theme First!
  • Are there games that fit your theme? Example: a sports theme- you can add sports games, Paw Patrol- you can add a game with a problem your guests must solve, carnival theme- you can add carnival games, etc.
  • Can you easily find decorations or will you need to make them? Making your own decorations or staging with games, can make your party very different.
  • Party Favors- What about having a craft where your guests will make the favor they take home. Spin art is a perfect addition to provide a custom party favor. Mickey Mouse Party- Order cheap head bands and have mouse ears cut out of felt or construction paper and let them make mouse ears to wear. There are so many cool ideas that are simple and cheap.

Making a party fun and unique does not have to be expensive. You can do it on a budget if you think outside the box. Check out birthday party craft diy's on Pinterest. The ideas are unlimited. Keep in mind that not everything has to match perfect. While Pinterest is great for ideas, not every party has to be Pinterest Perfect. Kids don't care if everything matches or if the bouncer matches the party cake or the table cloth.

What kids care about is the experience and the fun they had. Creating their own party favors can be one of the most memorable experiences you can create.

I have 4 children and one of the parties they remember the most was a party that just had a bounce house and disposable cameras for them to use. It rained like crazy that day and it got cold, but they still played on that bounce house and got wet and looked crazy, but they used those cameras to take pictures of how crazy it was. We took those cameras and developed the pictures and made copies for all that attended and made small little memory books with construction paper. We gave one of those to everyone that attended and some of those kids still have those picture books, but most all remember that party and talk about it to this day. These kids are now in their late 20's and early 30's. Obviously, technology has changed a little since this time, but you get the idea. It is the simple things that last a lifetime.

Types of Birthday Parties

When Planning a Birthday Party, you are usually planning 5 basic types of parties.

  1. Toddler Birthday Parties
  2. Kids Birthday Parties
  3. Tween Birthday Parties
  4. Teen Birthday Parties
  5. Adult Birthday Parties
We are going to look in depth at each and what type of things work the best for each .

Birthday Rentals near me

Toddler Birthday Parties

Toddler birthdays can be the most stressful birthday parties. That first birthday is the one that everyone wants to make the most memorable after all.

Don't worry, we have you covered! No need to stress over your toddlers birthday party. It can be hard to entertain toddlers and we fully realize that. This exact reason is why we sought out and found inflatables that are specific to toddlers. Our toddler inflatables do entertain toddlers without scaring them.

Sometimes toddlers are terrified of bounce houses. It isn't the inflatable itself they are scared of, it is the enclosed feeling with the sound of air surrounding them. Toddler inflatables are created with an open-top so your toddler can see the sky above them and everyone standing outside the inflatable looking in. That provides an element of comfort. Don't worry, you can experience this with your child!

Our toddler bouncers are commercial grade so you can get into the inflatable with your child. This is not true of the cheaper bouncers that you buy online or at your large chain store. They are not commercial material and will not normally support adult weight.

The toddler inflatable bouncers are normally themed with a specific theme and offer jumping throughout, pop-up characters throughout for the children to interact with, a small climbing wall that is very slanted so they even crawl up, and a small slide. For a toddler, this provides hours of safe fun.

Want something fun that toddlers and families can enjoy together? Look at our trackless train! Our train can have up to 1-16 riders at a time depending on the size of the riders. This is a fun family activity as all can ride at one time.

Kids Birthday Parties

Kids Birthday parties cover a broad range, but we are focusing on kids ages 5 to 10 in this section. When planning a birthday party for kids ages 5 to 10, you have the task of finding entertainment that is fun and age appropriate.

For this age group, you are normally safe with a bounce house, a bouncer with a slide, an obstacle course, a water bounce house, or a waterslide.

This age group will still enjoy a standard bounce house for short periods of time, but will play for hours with a bouncer that includes a slide.

With the bouncer slide combo, the element of the slide keeps them playing forever as they can jump for a while and then climb up and slide when they get bored. This will also take them outside the bounce house when they slide so you can circle more kid through the bouncer if you have a lot of kids in attendance and need to move a line.

Obstacle Courses are also great for this age group. You don't want anything too difficult if you are at the 5 year age range. This age does love a challenge but keep it simple like a 38ft obstacle, Jungle Train Obstacle, or Space Shuttle Obstacle. All of these have simple to navigate elements.

Water Inflatables are the only choice for a summer party in DFW Texas. The summers are hot and the vinyl will heat up on an inflatable unless it has water on it. For this age group, bouncer combos with a water slide or a stand alone water slide from 10 foot tall to 17 foot tall is the best. 10 foot tall waterslides are great for the smaller kids, but if you have a child that loves a thrill and seems to have no fear, go a little larger. The taller water slides up to 17 foot tall are still safe and fun for ages 5 to 10.

Rent an inflatable and a game for this age group and you are golden. If you are having a themed party, like a sports party, throw in some games such as inflatable basketball shoot, football toss, baseball game, soccer kick, or just a game of skill such as the Street skee game.

Carnival Birthday Party

One of the most popular types of kids birthday parties are carnival birthday party rentals. Believe it or not, these can be the easiest of all parties.

After All to make a carnival all you need are a few things to go simple or many carnival items to make it unfogettable:
  • carnival or circus themed bounce house

  • Cotton Candy Machine

  • pocorn machine

  • carnival games

  • tables and chairs

  • We rent it all to make your carnival the best carnival party in DFW Tx. Let us help you Make your kid's birthday the talk of the town with a carnival-themed extravaganza! You can make this day an unforgettable one with all the fun, games, and activities that come with a carnival rental with just the click of a button.

Toddler Birthday Party Rentals
Kids Birthday Party Rentals near me
Sports Themed Birthday Parties

Tween Birthday Parties

Tween parties can be the most difficult of all parties and we understand. We consider tweens to be ages 10-12. These kids are at an in between age for most things in life and can be very difficult to please.

For birthday entertainment, they feel they are too old for a bouncer, but still want to have some kid like fun. How do you work with this? Offer something really cool like an obstacle course that is 50 foot or larger, interactive inflatable games such as wrecking ball, inflatable twister, or a large water slide.

For this age group, if you are having a summer party, consider one of our water obstacle courses such as the Tropical obstacle course or a larger water slide 16 foot tall to a 22 foot tall water slide.

Tween Birthday Party Rentals
Teen Birthday Party Rentals
Adult Birthday Rentals
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Teen and Adult Birthday Parties

Planning a teen or adult Birthday Party? We can help. In fact, we have an entire category dedicated to entertainment for teen and adult parties. The interactive category includes everything you need to keep teens and adults having some kid-like fun. These inflatables and larger items such as rock climbing wall, obstacle courses, wrecking ball, bungee trampolines, wipeout inflatable game, virtual reality roller coasters, mechanical bulls, and more, will provide everything you can dream of in party fun!

Teen and adult party entertainment can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be boring. Make your party fun and one that we leave your party guests saying "this is the most fun I have ever had as an adult".

Adults really can enjoy a challenge on an inflatable or a ride on the bull. There are no limits to amount of teen and adult fun we can provide.

Huge water slides are also great for adults and teens for a summer party. The best water slides for teens and adults are water slides that are 17 foot tall all the way to 24 foot tall. Believe it or not, they actually enjoy a good double slip and slide. Just keep in mind that the slip and slides do require you to run and dive onto them so they are a little more physical.

Trust Inflatable Party Magic for your Rentals for Birthday Parties

You can trust Inflatable Party Magic.  We make sure your birthday celebration is the best. With our top-notch rentals, trained staff, and state inspected and insured services, we make sure you have a safe and fun time!
  • Safe and Secure Rental Services

    We understand how important it is to have a safe setup for your rentals. We offer state inspected and insured amusement rentals so you can rest assured that your family will stay safe during their special day.  Our company is in compliance with state laws mandating safety inspections and insurance requirements to do inflatable and amusement rides in the State of Texas

  • Staff Trained for Safety

    Our staff members are highly trained to ensure proper setup and takedown of all our party rental items. They undergo rigorous training and must demonstrate compentencies before delivering to you.  For safety you can leave the worry out of the equation with Inflatable Party Maic

  • The Best Birthday Rentals Around DFW Texas

    We offer the best birthday rental services in DFW Texas. You can trust us to provide quality entertainment for your special day with our wide selection of party rentals and rides for birthdays.

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