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      Mechanical Bull Rental Texas

    Mechanical Bull Rentals

    Rent a Rodeo Mechanical Bull in DFW Texas

    Looking for a Mechanical Bull to rent in DFW North Texas area? Our DFW Mechanical bull rental is one of our most popular attractions in the DFW area.  Inflatable Party Magic rents Mechanical Bull rides in the DFW Texas and North Texas areas. Rent a Rodeo Mechanical Bull for your next party or event.  Bring the rodeo to your party and watch the fun begin.
     Are you ready to try for the 8-second rodeo bull ride?  Can you hang on for 8 seconds with our multiple settings?  We are the number one DFW mechanical bull ride rental company in Texas.  If you have ever wanted to ride a rodeo bull now is your chance with our bull rental.  Bulls for rent is what we do!   You know you have always wanted to try your hand at mechanical bull riding.  What is better than your own party?  Let us rent a bull to your next party and see why our rodeo bull is the number one bull rental in Texas.

    Mechanical Bull Rental Specifics

    The Mechanical Bull rental is surrounded by a deluxe 16' x 16' air mattress. The total operating space required: 20' x 20’ x 12’.  The bull rental is priced for up to 3 hours for the price listed above.  The Mechanical Bull Rental does require staffing from Inflatable Party Magic and is included in the per-hour rental price. After the first 3 hours, the price drops to 150.00 per hour for every hour after that.  Our bull is the deluxe bull offering multiple ride settings and an upgraded landing pad for comfort and eye appeal.  Book now if you would like to be sure this makes it to your event. It is great for schools, churches, and corporate events. 

    Mechanical Bull Rental Texas
    Mechanical Bull Rental Texas

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    Mechanical Bull Rental Texas

    To Rent the Mechanical Bull Near Me in DFW Tx

    You can now rent the mechanical bull near me in the DFW Tx area easily online! To book this Mechanical Bull Rental, you can simply click on the add to cart button, select your date and times, then simply follow the directions, and then pay your deposit. You will receive an email confirmation soon after placing your order. If you need assistance placing your mechanical bull riding rental or would like someone to complete the order over the phone for you, please do not hesitate to call us and we can complete your order and take your deposit over the phone. Inflatable Party Magic is family-owned and operated, and we want to make sure you feel right at home in using us to make your party perfect. We look forward to helping you take your event to the next level with our mechanical bull riding! Ready to Cowboy Up?

    Are you having a rodeo themed party in the DFW area? We rent the rodeo mechanical bull to make your rodeo party the best. Just rent a mechanical bull to create the rodeo! We can make your rodeo mechanical bull rental the best experience ever with our trained staff.

    Are you worried you don't know how to ride a mechanical bull? No need to stress. You don't need to know how to ride the mechanical bull. It is for an overall fun experience and we will help you learn how to ride our bull ride rental. There are multiple settings our participants can enjoy and our operators can help you learn a few things to make it more fun and your ride on the bull last longer. Riding a mechanical bull has never been as much fun as we make it.

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    Rent DFW Mechanical Bull Ride Now

    DFW Texas Mechanical Bull Rentals

    Check out our video for Mechanical Bull Rentals in DFW Texas. Inflatable Party Magic provides the mechanical bull riding fun and you provide the guests.
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