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Bounce House Rentals Alvarado Tx
Alvarado Bounce House Rentals

The Best Bounce House Rentals Alvarado Tx

Alvarado Bounce House Rentals are fun and easy with Inflatable Party Magic. We offer the best bounce house rentals in Alvarado Tx. If you are looking for the #1 inflatable bounce house rental company in the industry, you have come to the right place with Inflatable Party Magic. Our jumpers are the cleanest and the best quality! We began providing bounce house rentals in Alvarado over 20 years ago.  Bounce House Rentals Alvarado are the best from Inflatable Party Magic!

Inflatable Party Magic is still the home of 8-hour rentals for one low price and our customer service is second to none! We make sure you get the best value for your money without sacrificing safety or quality. That is why Inflatable Party Magic is your best place to rent a bounce house in Alvarado.  Bounce houses can complete any party you may be having by bringing your family and friends together in fun and entertainment.

Don't let our name fool you, we can do so much more than just jumping house rentals in Alvarado. Inflatable Party Magic can help you as we offer party and large event rentals in Alvarado.  We carry a large selection of party equipment rentals including bounce houses, inflatable obstacle courses, bounce house with slides, Alvarado water slide rentals, interactive inflatable games, carnival games, table and chairs, tents, dunk tanks, mini-golf courses, rock climbing walls, Euro Bungee Trampolines, bumper cars, mechanical bulls, inflatable movie screens, and trackless trains. That is just for starters. Check out all of our party rental services below. 

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Why You Should rent a Bounce House in Alvarado from Inflatable Party Magic


  • Bounce House Rentals in Alvarado for all ages

  • High Quality Bounce Houses and Rental Products

  • Up to 8 hour rentals for one low price- Don't accept 4 hour rentals for the same price

  • Reliable and Quality Service- 20 years of experience with inflatable bounce house rentals in Alvarado with over 500 customer reviews

  • Confirmation and reminder email communications so you can feel confident in your waterslide rental.

  • Largest Selection of Bounce House Rentals in Alvarado Texas

  • Fully State Inspected and Insured
  • Clean and Sanitized Bounce Houses to Rent
Bounce House Rental Alvarado Tx

What Makes our 5-Star Rated  Bounce Houses and Services Different

Inflatable Party Magic is different than other bounce house companies. We have built a name you can trust!  Our company has a proven safety record and areyou can depend on us for on-time delivery for your bounce house and event rentals.   Our reputation speaks for itself.  You can search and find the reviews for Inflatable Party Magic online easily.  Our reviews will tell our story for us!  We have been in the bounce house party business for over 20 years and have over 500 5-star reviews. 

The last thing you want on the day of your jump house party is for the inflatable rental company to no show your party.  This happens every weekend as we get phone calls begging for us for last-minute help. It is normally always smaller companies operating out of their homes.  Sometimes they quote you a low price and then they get a chance to rent it for more and they do.  If something comes up personally they would rather do, they don't depend on this business full-time so they cancel rentals. 

We hear these stories every Saturday and Sunday morning.  That would never happen with our company.  Our prices are posted and do not change.  Our business is run on very strict moral and ethical principles.  Once you pay your deposit to reserve an item, that item is removed from our inventory for that day and it is held for you.  The reason for this is many bounce house companies are part-time businesses and their owners do not operate like a business.  With our company, our customers and business come first as we are a full-time business with full-time employees that care about what they do and the customers they serve. 

Additionally, our staff are thoroughly trained and have proven competency before they arrive for your event. If you want your party to be the best it can be with the latest, safest, and cleanest inflatable bounce house and party rental items, give Inflatable Party Magic a try.  You will not be disappointed with our products or service.

About Inflatable Party Magic Alvarado Jumping House Rentals

Our mission in Alvarado is simply to provide the best quality jumping house rentals and party rentals at the lowest prices we can offer while maintaining a high level of safety, customer service, and satisfaction.  

Our customers are the reason we love what we do!  We would love to add you as one of our customers for Alvarado bouncy house rentals. We may be a little prejudiced, but we think we offer the best bouncy houses in Alvarado Texas. We want you to rent a bounce house in Alvarado from our company and see the difference our company can make in your party.

Located near the city of Alvarado, Texas our business is able to serve you within our standard delivery area with no extra delivery fees. Alvarado is huge part of our party rental business.  We have been serving your area for over 18 years. We deliver rentals of bounce houses, water bounce house, party equipment, and other inflatables to Alvarado city park regularly. Have your party at the Alvarado city park. The Alvarado city park is located on W College St. Do not forget to call the 817-790-3351 to reserve your spot and time and take care of any paperwork they may have for you.   This park has much to offer in the way of parties and is a great place to set up an inflatable for you next Party. Alvarado also offers the Alvarado Park Lake to fish and have family outings. There are many cool things to do in Alvarado to have fun with family and friends. We service backyard parties in Alvarado as well as church events , school parties, festivals, and more.

You Can Trust Inflatable Party Magic for Bounce Houses in Alvarado

What makes Inflatable Party Magic a bounce house company you can trust? We not only provide the best jumper rentals in Alvarado, but we are fully insured and are state inspected annually for safety and as required by Texas State law.  Many inflatable companies do not do this and put your safety on the back burner.  We take your safety seriously!

Our staff are fully trained and held to the highest standards and accountability in the industry as we believe our customer's safety comes first. Staff members are taught the importance of on-time and quality customer service. You can trust Inflatable Party Magic for your Alvarado bounce house rental.  Check out all the jump rentals we offer for your party.

We have strict morales and ethics that we apply to our business as well. You will see that reflected in our products and services.  

What are the Recommended Ages for Different Types of Jumping House Rentals?

We want you to get the most enjoyment you can from your jumping houses.  We know there are many styles to choose from and this can be confusing when trying to choose the best match for your party guests.  We have established the following guide to help you choose the best bouncer for your party guests:

Bounce House Rentals: Age 2 to 12

One of the bounce house rentals Alvarado recommended for ages 2 to 12 is the standard bounce house rental. Alvarado jumping house rentals are the most well-known of all bounce houses and are great for smaller children up to about age 12. Adults can get in a bounce house, but there is a weight limit and the number of participants at a time must be reduced. Additionally, bounce houses should not have mixed ages and sizes as all participants share the bouncing space and larger participants can fall on and injure smaller participants.
Alvarado Toddler Bounce Houses to rent:  Ages 2 to 10

Toddler Bounce House rentals in Alvarado are the best for ages 2 to 10, but the fun factor starts going away after age 7 with most children. Bounce house rentals for toddlers generally include a jumping space throughout, pop-up obstacles shaped like characters to interact with, and a slide. The toddler jumpers are perfect because the attention span of a smaller child is not very long. They like to stay busy so they can jump a little then at the same time, hug or interact with a pop-up character or shape and then move over just a few feet and climb or even crawl up a small slanted climbing wall and slide down a small slide geared just for them. The other cool thing about toddler bounce house rentals is that they do not have a top on them so smaller kids can see the sky above them and not feel insecure or trapped all the way around. Toddler bounce houses can be used well for ages 2 to 10, but are highly recommended for ages 2 to 7. Adults can get in the bounce houses for toddlers also as they are commercial inflatables, but the fun factor on this definitely ends at 10 as the elements within are much smaller.

Bounce House with Slide Rentals Best Bounce Houses to rent: Ages 7 to 12

Bounce House with Slide Rentals are great for ages 7 to 12 as they offer a bouncing area, basketball goal, climbing wall, and a slide. These are also called jumper slide rentals by some. Older kids love to be challenged and have more to do than just jump. The Alvarado bouncers with slides keep them busy and offer a larger climbing wall and slide than the toddler bounce houses to rent. Adults can enjoy these as well with their kids, but keep in mind that you must crawl in a small hole in the front of the bouncing area to enter the bounce house and get to the slide. This can be a bit difficult for teens and adults. The slides within these are smaller for kids and the fun factor ends at about 12.

Best Adult Bounce Houses to rent: Ages 7 to adult

The Best teen and adult bounce houses to rent in Alvarado are Bounce House Obstacle Course Rentals. The inflatable obstacle courses are set up for ages 5 to adult in most cases but offer a challenge for even teens and adults and they race through an inflatable obstacle course bounce house that is dual-laned with challenging obstacles and climbing walls until they finish with a slide at the end. The race to finish first is on! The other bounce house that is great for teens and adults are the interactive bounce house inflatable games. Interactive Bounce Houses for Teens pose a challenge and most times involve multiple players at a time making it great for groups of participants to play together. We hope this information helps to make it easier for you to decide which bounce house to rent is best for the age group you are entertaining.  For your teen party, try life size foosball or wrecking ball.

Still confused on which jump house is best for your party or event?  Give us a call at 817-800-8618.  We are here to help you.

History of Jump Houses

Believe it or not, we get lots of people asking us who came up with the concept of the bounce and house and how.  This is the story of the first bounce house and how it happened that people began renting them out.  We hope you find the history of jump houses interesting and valuable.

Frank Scurlock was the person that was credited with creating the first bounce house or moonwalk as he called it in 1959. The first bounce house was more like a giant pillow. They called it a Space Pillow and then a moonwalk. Mr. Scurlock and his wife also created a company that many are familiar with now called Space Walk. The first jumping balloon he created had no walls and was commonly referred to as a space pillow or jumping balloon. If you think about it, the name Space Walk is a combination of Space Pillow and Moonwalk. It was actually Mr. Scurlock's wife that came up with the idea to rent inflatable jumping houses for social events. Thus a new business was born in renting inflatable bouncy castles. Since this time, inflatables have evolved a great deal and are called many different things like jumpers, bouncers, jumping castles, bounce houses, jumping balloons, moonwalks and more. Because of Mr. Scurlock's invention, you can rent a jumper in Alvarado for your party! We take pride in our inflatable jump rentals.  If you have been searching "jump rental near me", look no further.  Our company will have exactly what you are looking for to create an absolute fun party.
Bounce House Rental  in Alvarado Tx

Alvarado Bounce House with Slide

Bounce House with Slide in Alvarado are a party favorite since they offer kids a variety of varied experiences. At Inflatable Party Magic, we offer Alvarado an overwhelmingly huge selection of bounce house with slide rentals with many different styles that include varied activities. The bounce and slide combos have a bounce house, climbing wall, basketball goal, and slide. Some of them even have obstacles inside. These bounce house slides in Alvarado are a favorite and will keep kids active and bouncing all day long. Alvarado Bounce House with slide for rent in Texas encourage kids to exercise in a fun way and they play all day on these inflatables since there is so much to keep them busy inside. Try one of our bounce and slide jumpers today.

Alvarado Jumping House near me

Toddler Bounce House Rentals Alvarado

Toddler bounce houses in Alvarado are a huge hit with toddlers and small children. Bounce house rentals for toddlers can be hard to find. We offer a large selection of them to go with many different party themes. Regular jump houses only offer a jumping experience, which can be frightening for little ones. Alvarado Toddler bounce house Rentals have an open-top concept so the kids can see the light above them and not feel closed in. Toddler jump house combos offer bouncing throughout, but the bouncing space is broken up with interactive popup characters and obstacles throughout the bouncing space. Toddler bounce houses have a small slide and climbing wall that is slightly slanted and positioned in a way that makes it easy for toddler to manage alone. Looking to rent a toddler bounce house in Alvarado, try our Mickey Park Toddler or Toy Story Toddler bounce house today! Let us show you why our Alvarado customers are loving our toddler inflatables. Rent a toddler bounce house in Alvarado for your next party!
Toddler Bounce House  rental Alvarado Tx
Bounce Houses in Alvarado Tx

We Rent Bounce Houses in Alvarado Tx

We rent bounce houses in Alvarado Tx to the zip code of 76009 and are your bouncy castle rental specialist. We have everything you need to create a perfect jumping party. 

Inflatable Party Magic offers our customers a complete line of licensed and themed bounce houses to choose from as well as neutral-themed and colored jumpers to go with any party. Our equipment is cleaned and maintained to ensure your safety and complete satisfaction. We offer the standard bounce houses as well as themes to choose from that are the most popular and current such as Disney Princess bounce house, Despicable Me Minion Bounce House Rental , Mickey Mouse, Justice League, Unicorns, Paw Patrol, Frozen, Batman, Disney Cars, Football, Sports, Carnival, Circus and more.   We even carry a Disco Dome bounce house with blue tooth speakers so you can rock your party and even setup your own digital DJ bouncer.  If you have a specific theme for your party, call our office and we can help you find an inflatable bounce house rental that will best fit your party theme.

We also provide larger Alvarado event rentals. Parties and events are similar, but events tend to be on a larger scale. Corporate event rentals include things such as team building, staff reward events, customer appreciation rentals, and so much more. Church event rentals tend to incorporate children's events and youth events that cater to a wide variety of age groups interacting together.

Our company has the experience and equipment to successfully pull off larger events and not just backyard birthday parties.  larger event rentals require more knowledge and experience than smaller parties.  

  Our friendly and professional staff will ensure that your party rentals and event rentals are delivered on time and set up safely to ensure your event is a cherished memory. 
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Frequently Asked Questions About Bounce House Rentals in Alvarado

Q: Can I trust Inflatable Party Magic with my Jumping House Rentals in Alvarado?
Absolutely, you can trust Inflatable Party Magic for your bounce house rentals in Alvarado. With over two decades of dedicated service in the event rental industry, our reputation is built on a foundation of unwavering customer commitment and meticulous attention to safety and satisfaction.

Our team is rigorously trained to prioritize your safety, ensuring that all our inflatable bounce houses and party rental equipment are not only cleaned but also sanitized after each use. We take pride in adhering to the stringent regulations set by the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI), meeting all insurance requirements and annual safety inspections for amusement ride rentals. In fact, we hold insurance policies with limits that exceed the state's minimum requirements, because we believe in going the extra mile for your peace of mind.

From intimate backyard gatherings to large-scale corporate events, we've successfully catered to a diverse range of occasions across Alvarado, ensuring that fun is had by all, from kids to adults. You can conveniently place your Alvarado bounce house rental orders online or reach out to us at 817-800-8618 for personalized service.

Inflatable Party Magic is more than a business; it's a family legacy. Founded in 2002 and nurtured alongside my father, the company has grown with my son now playing a pivotal role. This isn't just a business to us; it's a cherished tradition that we're proud to share with you.

Our customers are an extension of our family, with many having been with us since the start. We've celebrated milestones and watched families grow, now serving the next generation of party-goers. We'd be honored to welcome you into our circle of delighted customers and show you firsthand why Inflatable Party Magic is the trusted name for bounce house rentals in Alvarado.
Q: What is your cancellation policy for Bounce Houses in Alvarado?
We understand that plans can change, and we're here to help make adjustments as easy as possible. If you need to reschedule your Alvarado bounce house rental to a new date, we're happy to assist you with no additional change fees.

In the event that you need to cancel:
  • Before Delivery: Your deposit is non-refundable, but don't worry! We'll issue you a raincheck valid for one year from the original event date.
  • After Full Payment: If you've paid more than the deposit, we offer two options:
    • Receive a refund for the amount above the deposit, minus a small 5% restocking fee to cover transaction costs.
    • Opt for a raincheck for the full amount paid, allowing you to apply 100% of your payment to a future rental within the next year.

We strive to be as flexible and accommodating as possible, ensuring your experience with us is stress-free and enjoyable, even if your plans have to change.

Q: Are your Bounce House Rentals Clean?
Absolutely, cleanliness is at the core of our user experience for bounce house rentals. We take great pride in ensuring that each inflatable bounce houses are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before it arrives at your event. Our cleaning process is designed to meet the highest standards, because we believe that a clean bounce house is fundamental to a fun and safe experience.
Q: How long are the rentals for the quoted price?
We're delighted to offer you more bounce for your buck! Our Alvarado bounce house rental rates are designed with your maximum enjoyment in mind – that's why the price you see is for an extended fun time of up to 8 hours. This is our standard, not the exception, setting us apart from many competitors who may offer shorter rental periods of 4 to 6 hours for a similar price.

There are some exceptions. For those special occasions that require a unique touch, we have select specialty items such as the mechanical bull, bungee trampoline, virtual reality coaster, train, rock wall, etc available that are mandatorily staffed and priced per hour. These exceptions are clearly detailed in their descriptions, ensuring transparency and ease of planning.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, we're just a call or text away at 817-800-8618. Our goal is to make your rental experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible, from the moment you land on our website to the final minutes of your event.
Q: What are the Rules for a Bounce House?

Bounce House Rules

No Silly String!!!- Please- No Silly String!!!

This ride is only to be used by riders 2 years of age to adult.

Compatible age groups only at a time on equipment. Age groups must not be mixed for reasons of safety.

The maximum number of customers of each age group that play at one time are as follows:

Under 5 years - up to 12 participants at a time

5- 8 years - up to 8 participants at a time

9-13 years- up to 6 participants at a time

Older Teens Adults- 1 to 2 participants at a time

NO Pets

Additional Rules

1. Always be sure riders have removed shoes and sharp objects.

2. Do not allow riders to play or climb on outside walls, sides, or roof
of the unit, Nor inside rafters.

3. No food, drinks, pets or water inside the units.

4. Never put a water hose in or spray water on as units can become slippery.

5. at least 1 adult must be present at all times to supervise riders.

6. In case of rain or high winds over 15 mph- 1) remove riders 2) unplug the motor
extension from the wall outlet.

7. Do not turn motor off and on repeatedly, as this could harm to children
This could also burn out the motor.

8. Never move a unit for any reason. Inflatable Party Magic completely sets up
and stakes down the unit upon delivery. Units are not to be unstaked or moved
for any reason

9. Never play or jump on a partially inflated unit.

10. Always follow number of riders listed on contract.

11. Be sure to remove all personal items from unit. We are not
responsible for there return.

12. Never add more extension cords to the motor or move the unit
without first obtaining an okay from Inflatable Party Magic.

13. No Horseplay!! (ex. flipping, pushing, fighting, rolling, climbing, etc.)

14. Make sure entry door is zipped or closed accordingly after each rider enters
into unit and remains zipped while riders are playing inside.

Q: What are the Power Requirements for a Bounce House?
Bounce House Power Requirements vary by inflatable, but every bounce house takes at least one blower. Some take more than one blower
For each blower, you will have to be within 100 foot of your power source.

That power source must support 12amps. A 20 amp breaker will only support one blower (this is what most plugs are on unless it is a commercial building and then you will come times have a 30amp breaker).

If your inflatables require more than one blower, you will need to find another plug within 100ft that is on a separate breaker. If you do not have the required electrical available within 100 foot of where you pan on sitting your inflatable, you can rent a generator.


Q: What are the Setup Requirements for a Bounce House?
First and foremost , we need a clear pathway with an adequate gate or door to get an inflatable through. You will minimally need a 4 foot wide path and gate or entry door. Some inflatables are larger and take a larger opening.

Inflatables will be dollied to the area you want to set them in so we need a clear path. We can not lift inflatables over an Air Conditioning unit or go up stairs.

Bounce House and Inflatable Setup Requires a flat surface or one with very little grade to it.

Grass is the preferred setup surface as the inflatables can be staked down for ulitmate safety.

Inflatable bounce houses can be setup on concrete as well, but we have to know that up front as they cannot be staked down on concrete and must be anchored with sandbags to keep it safely anchored. **Please note that sandbag setups are an extra charge and will not be allowed in winds over 15mph to ensure ultimate safety and manufacturer regulations are fully met.

Indoor setups are also an option for setup. We do need to know this at the time of booking so we can supply the necessary items to keep the inflatables from moving around on gym floors. Please make sure the height of your indoor space so we can ensure the inflatable that you choose will properly fit in your space.


Q: How do I order a bounce house?
Ordering a bounce house in Alvarado is a breeze with Inflatable Party Magic! Here's how you can secure your fun in just a few steps:
  • Choose Your Bounce House: Browse our selection and pick the perfect one for your event.
  • Add to Cart: Once you've made your choice, add it to your cart.
  • Enter Details: Fill in your address and personal details for the rental.
  • Secure with a Deposit: Complete your booking by paying the deposit.
And that's it—you're all set for a magical time!

Prefer a personal touch? Call us at 817-800-8618, and we'll assist you with your booking. Remember, you can book online anytime, 24/7, at your own convenience.
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