Mansfield Tent Rentals

Mansfield Tent Rentals

Best Tent Rentals in Mansfield Tx

The best tent rentals in Mansfield come from Inflatable Party Magic. We rent high peak tents to Mansfield Texas in many different sizes to meet your tent rental needs. We take pride in our Mansfield tent rentals and use only high-quality equipment that looks great and is maintained to the highest standards. If you need walls for your tent to block out the wind, we also offer tent walls with cathedral windows for an additional fee. Our high peak tents rentals in Mansfield are offered at the same price many businesses are offering standard top tents. Make sure you know the difference before your event so you don't end up being disappointed as not all tents are created equal. The high peak tents form a peak at the top and look much more attractive and expensive. You can rest assured that your tent will be setup safely and correctly. Our tents are set up and taken down by our staff that are trained specifically in this area for the safety and quality of the setup. Mansfield Tent rentals are at their best with Inflatable Party Magic.


You will want to schedule your tent rental early as our tents book out early in certain times of the year.  Tents do require quite a while to setup, so we do not offer same day setup of tents.  You will need to call our office so we can help you setup a time to deliver your tent.  We setup tents the day before the event and take down the day after your event.

Looking to rent more than just tents in Mansfield? We are a one-stop shop for party rentals. Click below to see everything we offer.
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Tents are set up the day before the Event and taken down the day after the event

Same Day tent set up is available for an additional charge- Please contact our office at 817-800-8618

Pop-Up Tent
Pop-Up  Tent
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10 X 10 Commercial High Peak Tent
10 X 10  Commercial High Peak Tent
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20 X 20 Commercial Frame Tent
20 X 20  Commercial  Frame Tent
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20 X 20 Commercial Frame Tent with Sidewalls
20 X 20  Commercial Frame Tent with Sidewalls
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20 X 30 Commercial Frame Tent
20 X 30  Commercial Frame Tent
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20 X 30 Tent with Sidewalls
20 X 30 Tent with Sidewalls
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20 X 40 Commercial Frame Tent
20 X 40  Commercial Frame Tent
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20 X 40 Commercial Frame Tent with Sidewalls
20 X 40  Commercial Frame Tent with Sidewalls
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20 X 50 Commercial Frame Tent
20 X 50  Commercial Frame Tent
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20 X 50 Commercial Frame Tent with Sidewalls
20 X 50  Commercial Frame Tent with Sidewalls
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20 X 60 Commercial Frame Tent
20 X 60  Commercial Frame Tent
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20 X 60 Commercial Frame Tent with Sidewalls
20 X 60  Commercial Frame Tent with Sidewalls
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20 X 70 Commercial Frame Tent
20 X 70  Commercial Frame Tent
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20 X 90 Commercial Frame Tent
20 X 90  Commercial Frame Tent
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40 X 50 Commercial Frame Tent
40 X 50  Commercial Frame Tent
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40 X 50 Commercial Frame Tent with Sidewalls
40 X 50  Commercial Frame Tent with Sidewalls
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42 inch Fan
42 inch Fan
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Portacool Fan rental
Portacool Fan rental
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Misting System for 20X30 Tent
Misting System for 20X30 Tent
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Misting System for 20X60 Tent
Misting System for 20X60 Tent
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Globe Lights for Tent Rentals
Globe Lights for Tent Rentals
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Patio Heater
Patio Heater
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Portacool Fan rental Large
Portacool Fan rental Large
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Bluetooth Speaker Rental
Bluetooth Speaker Rental
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Photo Booth
Photo Booth
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36 inch Fan
36 inch Fan
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Rent a Tent in Mansfield Texas from Inflatable Party Magic

Rent a tent in Mansfield and see the difference Inflatable Party Magic can make in your event. You will find out tents and tent setup service to be second to none.  We take pride in our business and are serious about providing a quality product at a good price while putting customer service first.  We can help you figure out what size of tent you need to accommodate your guests. We have even provided a seating chart at the bottom of the page to help you determine which size tent rental best suits your needs.  Our experienced staff will professionally setup your tent to ensure safety and optimal use.
Tent Rentals Mansfield

Determine the Size  Needed for Your Tent Rentals Mansfield With Our Seating and Sizing Chart

Inflatable Party Magic  rent party tents to Mansfield in various sizes to fit your event needs.  We understand that determining the size of tent you will need for your event can be the most stressful part of your tent rentals Mansfield.  There are many tent sizes to choose from and it can be very overwhelming.  That is why we made the chart below available to you on our website while you are planning your tent rental. 

This tent rental size chart will help you figure out the tent size you need for your party by showing you the total square footage for each and how many you could sit in your tent for each size depending on the seating you choose.

If you need more help deciding on a specific table and chair layout underneath your tent, checkout these suggestions on Pinterest. These might give you a few more ideas on how to better utlitize your tent rental square footage. Need sidewalls to protect from the elements?  We rent tent sidewalls also. We want your Mansfield Texas tent rentals to be the best they can possibly be.

Tent Rental Seating Capacity Chart

Tent Rental Size Tent Square Footage

60" Round Tables

With Chairs

8ft. Rectangle Tables-With Chairs

Cocktail Tables-

No chairs

20X20 400 40 50-55 65-80
20X30 600 60 60-75 75-100
20X40 800 80 100-115 130-160
20X50 900 90 110-127 146-164
20X60 1200 120 150-195 195-240
20X70 1400 140 170-190 205-260
40X30 1200 120 120-150 105-200
40X50 1800 160 220-254 292-328
40X70 2600 240 320-369 422-488
40X90 3600 360 450-460 595-710

Premier Mansfield High Peak Tent Rentals

Are you looking for premier tent rentals in the Mansfield Texas Area? Inflatable Party Magic rents the best tents in Mansfield. Our equipment is maintained to a higher standard than most. We only use top-notch Aztec high-peak tents to make sure your tent rentals are professional-looking and safe. Our high Peak Tents have a look of sophistication but work hard for you to keep your guests covered in style. Inflatable Party Magic can handle any size party or event. In Mansfield, TX, we specialize in corporate event tent rentals, college tent rentals, church tent rentals, wedding tent rentals, birthday tent rentals, festival tent rentals and more. Not sure what you need? Call us at 817-800-8618 and we can help.

Don't forget to add the fun to your Mansfield party or event. Mechanical Bulls in Mansfield, Dunk Tanks , mini-golf course rentals, table and chair rentals, and giant game rentals are common items that are rented with tents.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mansfield Tx Tent Rentals From Inflatable Party Magic

Q: Can I trust Inflatable Party Magic with my Tent Rentals in Mansfield?
Absolutely, you can trust Inflatable Party Magic for your Tent rentals in Mansfield. With over two decades of dedicated service in the event rental industry, our reputation is built on a foundation of unwavering customer commitment and meticulous attention to safety and satisfaction.
Q: What is your cancellation policy for Tent Rental Mansfield?
We understand that plans can change, and we're here to help make adjustments as easy as possible. If you need to reschedule your Mansfield Tent rental to a new date, we're happy to assist you with no additional change fees.

In the event that you need to cancel:
  • Before Delivery: Your deposit is non-refundable, but don't worry! We'll issue you a raincheck valid for one year from the original event date.
  • After Full Payment: If you've paid more than the deposit, we offer two options:
    • Receive a refund for the amount above the deposit, minus a small 5% restocking fee to cover transaction costs.
    • Opt for a raincheck for the full amount paid, allowing you to apply 100% of your payment to a future rental within the next year.

We strive to be as flexible and accommodating as possible, ensuring your experience with us is stress-free and enjoyable, even if your plans have to change.

Q: Are your Tents Clean?
Absolutely, cleanliness is at the core of our user experience for our Tents as well as all other equipment rentals. We take great pride in ensuring that each Tent are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before it arrives at your event.
Q: How long are the rentals for the quoted price?
We're delighted to offer you more value for your rental! Our Mansfield Tent rental rates are a one-day price. Tents are a specialized setup and take a little longer than other rentals; therefore, we setup all tent rentals the day before your event and take down tent rentals the day after your event.

If you need same day tent setup- contact our office at 817-800-8618. We do offer this service at an additional fee if we can work with your schedule.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, we're just a call or text away at 817-800-8618. Our goal is to make your rental experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible, from the moment you land on our website to the final minutes of your event.
Q: What are the Setup Requirements for Tents?
Tents should be set on a somewhat flat surface. All tents are anchored without exception for safety!

How Tents are Anchored on Grass: On grass surfaces, tents are anchored with 36 inch stakes. The area the tent will be sat in must be marked for all underground lines before we setup the tent. Grass setups are included in the pricing listed as long as they can be staked with tent stakes.

How Tents are Anchored on Concrete/Turf: On concrete, turf, or a grassy area that we can not stake into, tents must be anchored with water barrels or concrete anchors (please note: concrete anchors require drilling into the concrete). There is an additional fee for this service. That fee depends on the size of the tent. If you choose to go with water barrels, you must have water and a water hose that reaches the barrels for setup. Water barrels cannot be moved around with water in them.

If you need any help or would like help deciding how to place your tent order, please call our office at 817-800-8618 and our staff would be glad to help you.
Q:How do I order Tents?
Ordering a tables in chairs in Mansfield is a breeze with Inflatable Party Magic! Here's how you can secure your fun in just a few steps:
  • Choose Your Tents: Browse our selection and pick the perfect one for your event.
  • Add to Cart: Once you've made your choice, add it to your cart.
  • Enter Details: Fill in your address and personal details for the rental.
  • Secure with a Deposit: Complete your booking by paying the deposit.
And that's it—you're all set for a magical time!

Prefer a personal touch? Call us at 817-800-8618, and we'll assist you with your booking. Remember, you can book online anytime, 24/7, at your own convenience.


We Rent Tents Near Me in Mansfield Tx
Inflatable Party Magic rents tents to Mansfield zip codes of 76063, 76065, and 76084 as well as the other other listed cities in the DFW Texas.  If you do not see your delivery city listed, please call us at 817-800-8618 as we do service other DFW locations.

NOTE: Extra fees may vary depending on how far you are outside our service area.
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