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Grandview Bounce House Rentals

Grandview Bounce House Rental

Rent a Bounce House in Grandview TX for your Party!

Bounce House Rentals Grandview, Texas

Bounce House Rentals Grandview and Event Party Rentals Grandview

Grandview Bounce House Rentals from Inflatable Party Magic are the most trusted inflatable party rentals in Grandview. Why trust inflatable Party Magic for bounce house rentals in Grandview? Our inflatable bounce house rentals offer the most trusted customer service and unparalleled experience in the industry with over 20 years of direct service in bounce houses and party rentals. You can trust that our staff will be competent and on time. Our delivery drivers are adults that are fully trained and responsible. We only use teens as assistants to adult drivers to ensure a safe setup. In additional, our bounce house rentals in Grandview are still up to 8-hour party rentals for the same low one-day price to ensure the best value for your money. Inflatable Party Magic cares about your safety and ensures our inflatables are cleaned and sanitized after every use. If you are looking for the best quality and safest party rental equipment, you have come to the right place. 

Additionally, our selection of inflatables to rent is the largest in Grandview. Looking for more than just an inflatable bounce house company?  We offer so much more than just bouncy houses and water bounce house rentals. Our company has the equipment and experience to do backyard birthday parties as well as event rentals for corporate parties, college events, churches, colleges, and school field day events.
Grandview Bounce House Rentals
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Bounce House Rentals Grandview, Tx

Grandview Bounce House Rentals from Inflatable Party Magic are the best. If you are looking for a bounce house to rent in Grandview, we offer the best selection of licensed and themed jumpers for rent as well as neutral-themed and colored bounce houses inflatables to go with any party. Our equipment is cleaned and maintained on a regular schedule to ensure your safety and complete satisfaction. Inflatable Party Magic has everything you are looking for in a bouncy house rental and more offering the most popular and current themes such as Dinosaurs, Disney Princess, Minion, Mickey Mouse, Justice League, Unicorns, Paw Patrol, Frozen, Batman, Disney Cars, Football, Sports, Carnival, Circus and so much.

Moonwalk rentals are what they were called when our company started 20 years ago. It doesn't matter if you call it a bouncy castle, jump house, jumper, or moon bounce, we have the inflatable jumpy house you are looking for. Our company has a huge selection of bounce houses for rent in Grandview, Tx. We rent bounce houses near me! Click below to see our Texas-sized selection of bouncers to rent.
Grandview Bounce Houses for Rent
Grandview Tx Bounce House Rentals

More than just Bounce House Rentals

 We rent more than just bounce house. Wonder what inflatable jump houses and party rentals Inflatable Party Magic offer Grandview? We rent bounce houses, inflatable water slides, inflatable obstacle courses, mechanical bull rentals in Grandview, Tx, bumper cars, rock climbing walls, euro bungee trampoline, trackless train, tables and chairs, giant games, inflatable games, carnival games, dunk tanks and so much more. Our line-up of event rental equipment is Texas-sized offering so much more than bouncer rentals and inflatable rentals. We rent everything party including rentals for corporate parties, schools functions, church functions, and tents and tables and chairs. Let us take your party or event to the next level of fun!

Rent an inflatable bounce house in Grandview from our company! Customers rate us the #1 place to rent a bouncy castle in Grandview Tx.

The History of the Bounce House

Wonder why they were called Moonwalks or Jumping Balloon rentals years ago? That would come from the history of a bounce house. Frank Scurlock was credited with creating the first bounce house or moonwalk as he called it in 1959. The first bounce house was more like a giant pillow or Jumping Balloon. They called it a Space Pillow and then a moonwalk.

Mr. Scurlock and his wife also created a company that many are familiar with now called Space Walk. The first jumping balloon he created had no walls and was commonly referred to as a space pillow or jumping balloon. If you think about it, the name Space Walk is a combination of Space Pillow and Moonwalk. Sometimes useless facts such as this help you understand just how something as fun as a jump house rental got started.

It was actually Mr. Scurlock's wife that came up with the idea to rent inflatable jumping houses to other people for social events. Thus a new business was born in renting inflatable bouncy castles.

Since this time, inflatables have evolved a great deal and are called many different things like jumpers, bouncers, jumping castles, bounce houses, jumping balloons, moonwalks and more.

Because of Mr. Scurlock's invention, you can rent a bouncer in Grandview for your party!

What are the Recommended Ages for Bounce House Rentals in Grandview?

If you need some help with deciding what ages are best for your Grandview TX bounce house rentals, we have listed some information we think might help. Standard bounce houses are great for smaller children up to about age 12. Adults can get in a bounce house, but there is a weight limit and the number of participants at a time must be reduced. Additionally, bounce houses should not have mixed ages and sizes as all participants share the bouncing space and larger participants can fall on and injure smaller participants. Our recommendations for bounce house ages are listed and explained below:

Best Bounce Houses to rent in Grandview for ages 2 to 7 are Toddler Bounce Houses

Grandview Toddler Bounce House rentals are the best for ages 2 to 7. Bounce house rentals for toddlers include a jumping space throughout, pop-up obstacles shaped like characters to interact with, and a slide. These are perfect because the attention span of a smaller child is not very long. Smaller kids like to stay busy so they can jump a little then at the same time, hug or interact with a pop-up character or shape and then move over just a few feet and climb or even crawl up a small slanted climbing wall and slide down a small slide geared just for them. Another other cool feature about toddler bounce house rentals is that they do not have a top on them so smaller kids can see the sky above them and not feel insecure or trapped all the way around. Toddler bounce houses in Grandview can be used well for ages 2 to 12, but are highly recommended for ages 2 to 7. Adults can get in the toddler bounce houses to rent as they are commercial inflatables, but the fun factor on this definitely ends at 12 as the elements within are much smaller.

Best Bounce Houses to rent in Grandview for ages 7 to 12 are the Bounce House with Slide Rentals

Grandview Bounce House with Slide Rentals are great for ages 7 to 12 as they offer a bouncing area, basketball goal, climbing wall, and a slide. These are also called jumper slide rentals at some rental companies. Older kids love to be challenged and have more to do than just jump. The jumpers with slides keep them busy and offer a larger climbing wall and slide than the toddler bounce houses to rent. Adults can get in these bouncer combos, but keep in mind that you must crawl in a small hole in the front of the bouncing area to enter the bounce house and get to the slide. This can be a bit difficult for teens and adults. The slides within these bouncy castle slides are smaller for kids and the fun factor ends at about 12.

Best Adult Bounce Houses to rent in Grandview

The Best teen and adult bounce houses to rent in Grandview are Bounce House Obstacle Course Rentals . The obstacle courses that we rent are set up for ages 5 to adult in most cases but offer a challenge for even teens and adults and they race through an inflatable obstacle course bounce house that is double laned with challenging obstacles and climbing walls until they finish with a slide at the end. The race to finish first is on!

The other type of bounce house in Grandview that is great for teens and adults are the interactive bounce house inflatable games. Interactive Bounce Houses for Teens pose a challenge and most times involve multiple players making it great inflatable rental for groups of participants to play together.

We hope this information helps you to make an informed decision on which inflatable bounce house to rent in Grandview is better for the age group you are entertaining.

Grandview, Tx Bounce House with Slide Rentals

Grandview Bounce House with Slide Rentals are a party favorite since they offer kids a variety of different and exciting experiences.  At Inflatable Party Magic, we offer a huge selection of bounce house with slide rentals in Grandview, Tx with many different styles that include a variety of activities and themes.  Bounce House Slide rentals encourage kids to exercise in a fun way and they will literally play all day on these inflatables since there is so much to keep them busy inside. Inside a bounce and slide, you will find a bouncing area, basketball goal, climbing wall, and slide. Some even have a few pop-up obstacles for an added surprise. Try our bouncy house and slide rentals today!

Checkout our bounce house rental Grandview bounce house rental video below:

Bounce and Slide Rentals Grandview
Grandview, Tx Bounce and Slide Rentals

Grandview Bounce House Rental Video

Want to see a bounce house with slide rental inside and out? Watch this video and see a full look inside and out of this Cave Grandview bounce house rental.

Grandview Toddler Bounce House Rentals

Check out our Toddler Bounce Houses for Rent in Grandview, Tx. Our Toddler Bounce House Rentals are a huge hit with all toddlers and small children.  Regular bounce houses only offer a jumping experience, which can sometimes be a little frightening for little ones. Toddler bounce combos have an open top concept so the kids can see the light above them at all times and not feel closed in. Toddler combos offer bouncing throughout, but the bouncing space is broken up with interactive popup characters and obstacles throughout the bouncing space to keep them entertained and exploring.  Toddler combos have a small slide and climbing wall that is slightly slanted and positioned in a way that makes it easy for toddler to manage all on their own. Try one of our toddler bounce house rentals and see why our Grandview customers are loving our toddler inflatables.
Toddler Bounce Houses for Rent Grandview, Tx
Toddler Bounce House Rentals Grandview, Tx

Inflatable Game Rentals Grandview, Tx

Interactive Inflatable game rentals Grandview, Tx are our specialty at Inflatable Party Magic Grandview!  They offer exactly what you want in the way of inflatable rental fun that will actually challenge children, teens, and adults.  If you are looking for a way to get teens moving and competing against each other, an interactive inflatable games for rent in Grandview, Tx is what you are looking for.

Interactive inflatable is a broad term that actually includes many different types of competitive inflatable rentals.  Within this category you will find obstacle course for rent, Bungee inflatables for rent such as Hungry Hippo Chow Down, Rapid Fire, and Tugga Touchdown, The Wrecking Ball, Interactive Play Systems, and games such as Soccer darts, baseball, golf, Football Tosses, and so much more. Interactive inflatables have become huge for school field days and church events. Inflatable Party Magic offers the best selection of interactive inflatable game rentals in the DFW area. These inflatables are a perfect addition for field days, after proms, graduation parties, college events, and adult events.
Grandview Inflatable Game Rentals
Grandview Inflatable Game Rentals

Grandview Tent and Table & Chair Rentals

Are you looking for Grandview tent rentals or table and chair rentals in Grandview?   Inflatable Party Magic provides tent rentals, table & chair for rent in Grandview, Tx. We have everything you are looking for in the way of tent rental and table and chair rentals.  You will love the look of our elegant High Peak commercial tent rentals. You will find folding table rentals in 6ft and 8ft. lengths as well round tables in two different sizes and basic folding chairs.  An upscale resin garden or as they are sometimes referred to Wedding Chair rentals are also available with our company.
Grandview Table and Chair Rentals
Grandview Tent Rentals
Grandview Create your own bear parties
Create A Bear Rentals Grandview, Tx
Inflatable Party Magic offers a new party idea with Create a Bear parties that can be done in your own home or location in Grandview.  No need to load up kids and go to the mall to make stuffed bears or have a party somewhere else.  Create A Bear brings the bear making fun and magic to you.  Create A Bear is the perfect unique solution for a birthday party, church, school, or daycare event. When kids just want to do something different, TED our cute little Bear, can help your kiddos make their new stuffed best friend and provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

With Create a Bear there is no need to spend any extra money on party favors since each child will be leaving your party with their new stuffed best friend and backpack to carry it in.
Grandview Create your Own Bear
Grandview Carnvial Game Rentals
Grandview Carnival Game Rentals
Need carnival game rentals for your party or event? Inflatable Party Magic has a great selection of carnival and backyard party games to make your party a magical success. The many backyard games offered include giant games such as connect 4, Jenga,operation, ring toss, checkers, corn hole, flying froggy, penguin fling, ring the horn on the unicorn, yard pong, and so much more.

We have a huge selection of carnival games that work great for school events like fat cats, milk jug toss, Kiddie Stryker, and more.

One of the best things about carnival and backyard party games is that they can go indoors if the weather is not what you were expecting for your party. Sometimes the weather changes rapidly in Texas and with these games, the party can go on.
Carnival and Backyard Game Rentals Grandview

Dunk Tank Rentals Grandview, Tx

Grandview Dunk Tank Rentals! Inflatable Party Magic offers a dunk tank for rent in Grandview Tx. Dunking booth rentals add to event fun and excitement.  Dunk Tank Rentals are great addition to any school, community, corporate, fundraising, college, or church function.  If you ever wanted to get back at your friend or boss, or school principal, this is your opportunity to do in a way that is politically correct. Our dunk tanks feature a safety window so you can see who or what is in the water at all times for added safety.

Hurray and Book our Grandview dunk tank rental for you next event soon!
Dunk Tank for Rent Grandview, Tx
Grandview Dunk Tank Rentals
Extreme Attraction Party Rentals Grandview
Grandview Extreme Party Rentals
Ready for some Extreme Attraction Party Rentals in Grandview? Inflatable Party Magic has decided to add some extreme attractions for your next party! Be ready for the fun line-up that includes rentals of a Euro Bungee Trampoline, Rock Climbing Wall, Portable Mini-Golf Course, Meltdown Game, and a Virtual VR (Virtual Reality) Roller Coaster gaming. Is Grandview ready for some extreme sports fun? The different stations for each one add difficulty with each step up to challenge even the most daring person. You will get the opportunity to challenge yourself to climb high, jump higher, and flip faster! The ultimate thrill-seekers will love these and not be able to get enough! These Grandview Extreme Party Rentals are the perfect additions to any church, school, or corporate party event. We staff these games upon delivery during the rental, so you can kick back and enjoy the party.

Rock Climbing Wall Rentals Grandview

Ready to climb to new heights with a Grandview rock climbing wall rental? Inflatable Party Magic offers this cool rock climbing wall to rent in Grandview that will really amp up your next event. This Rock climbing wall rental is 4 station Rock Wall Rental. Each Climbing Station offers a different level of difficulty that will challenge even the best climbers. Just a beginner? That's okay, as there are easier and more difficult areas on the wall. Challenge yourself to get higher with each try until you finally make it to the top and hit that button! Fears of heights are no more with the confidence you will gain while participating in this rock climbing wall. People will see the tall rock from all around wanting to come and join your event. Rent a rock wall in Grandview now!

Grandview Euro Bungee Trampoline Rentals

Ready to have some fun on a Euro Bungee Trampoline in Grandview? Inflatable Party Magic now offers Euro Bungee rentals. What is better than just bouncing on a trampoline? Tie a bungee up to you AND bounce! This unit allows you to jump high in the air by hooking yourself into a harness attached to bungee cords. You will be amazed at the acrobatics you are able to do with all of the air time you get. Everyone will be "flipping" out at your event over this attraction. This is great for church, school, and corporate events. Everyone will be coming from all around so see what this is all about. This is the same Euro Bungee attraction you see at amusement parks and in malls. Now you can bring it to your Grandview event and rent a euro bungee trampoline!

Grandview Toxic Meltdown Rental

ThisToxic Meltdown Rental in Grandview will make your party awesome! If you are looking for a unique game rental Rental in the Grandview Texas area that is different and will appeal to all ages? The Toxic Meltdown Game is just that game. The Meltdown is an 8 player wipeout style game that has participants jumping, Dodging, and ducking to prevent the spinning boom arms from knocking them off their podium. The spinning boom arms are at slightly different levels to create more difficulty. This game will challenge all participant's stamina, agility, and reaction speed. Are you ready to go truly extreme? How fast can you jump, duck, or dodge? Will you be the last one standing? Worried about falling off? Don't worry yourself as you are falling into a toxic inflatable 30' X 30' octagon-shaped landing. The inflation makes for a soft landing and a great time. Inflatable Party Magic offers Grandview this cool new attraction that will really amp up your next event and allow multiple players at a time since it can accommodate up to 8 players at a time. This is the perfect big event piece to please almost any party or event goer. It is not only fun to be a participant, but it is even more exciting to those watching. It will have everyone on edge in anticipation with each swing of the arms. Rent the Toxic Meltdown at your party in Grandview!

Grandview Virtual Reality Roller Coaster Rental

Rent a Virtual Reality Roller Coaster in Grandview! Our VR Coaster offers the best and latest in gaming rentals The VR Coaster rents for $595.00 for the first two hours with unlimited rides and then $225.00 for each additional hour. This coaster allows 2 riders at a time to experience the thrill of over 28 different roller coaster rides that will be perfect for all different age levels and experience levels. This coaster will keep even the biggest thrill-seekers entertained and asking for more, but also offers rides that are good for toddlers, school age, high school, college-age, and even adults. There are so many coaster programs to choose from that will customize the experience to the rider. The Virtual Reality Coaster rental in Grandview, Texas is a complete virtual reality roller coaster simulator with awesome visual sceneries, scenarios, vibrations, and even wind. No matter which way you turn, you will see something different and can look at a 360-degree view all around you while on the coaster. You will feel like you are on a real coaster and even find yourself screaming and moving from side to side just like you would on a roller coaster. This ride is just as much fun for spectators to watch the riders enjoy and react to the ride.
Extreme Party Rentals Grandview

About Inflatable Party Magic Grandview Bounce House and Event Rentals

Inflatable Party Magic  is your bounce house and event rental specialist in Grandview, Texas. We have everything we need to create a perfect party. Our business has been providing party rentals for more than 20 years so we not only stock the party rental items you need, but have the experience to guide you in creating the ultimate party. We have successfully helped with backyard parties, larger school parties, church parties, and corporate parties.

Grandview event rentals can be taken care of by Inflatable Party Magic. Parties and events are similar, but events tend to be on a larger scale. Corporate event rentals include things such as team building, staff reward events, customer appreciation rentals, and so much more. Church event rentals tend to incorporate children's events and youth events that cater to a wide variety of age groups interacting together. Our company has the rental equipment you need to accomplish the task of church event rentals in Grandview. College Event rentals are more geared to young adults that want a challenge and yet still desire the fun on a different level. Inflatable Party Magic has inflatable rentals and extreme attraction rentals to capture the Grandview college event rental market.

We are fully insured and are state inspected annually for safety and as required by Texas State law.  Our staff are fully trained and always held to the highest standards and accountability in the industry.  Our mission in Grandview is simply to provide the best quality equipment at the lowest prices we can offer them while at the same time, maintaining a high level of customer service and satisfaction.   Our friendly and professionally trained staff will make sure that your party and rental equipment are delivered on time and set up safely so that your event becomes a cherished and lasting magical memory.  Our customers are the reason we love what we do!  We would love to add you as one of our customers in Grandview, Texas.

Located near Grandview, Texas our business is able to service you within our standard delivery area with no extra delivery fees. Grandview is a huge part of our rental business.  Grandview is that great small-town atmosphere with so much to offer and friendly residents. We are proud to serve Grandview, Tx. area. The Grandview City Park located at Grandview, Tx. 76050. Do not forget to call to reserve your spot and time and take care of any paperwork they may have for you. This park has much to offer in the way of parties and is a great place to set up an inflatable for your next party. The park even has a splash pad for the kids to cool off on a hot summer day.

Grandview has always been known for it's great schools and competitiveness in sports. The Grandview Zebras are known to be competitive in every sport. The Grandview ISD is highly ranked and known for it's strong academics.

Our drivers love to deliver to Grandview and Eat at R&K Cafe II on S. First Street and for Mexican Food Los Campesinos on E Criner St never disappoints. Grandview offers a few hidden gems like Rowlett's hardware store. This store carries so much more than just your typical hardware needs. It is more like an old 5 and dime.

Grandview Inflatable Bounce House and Party Rental Equipment:

Frequently Asked Questions about Bounce House Rentals

Inflatable Party Magic has become a very large party rental company and offers services to all size events including backyard birthday party rentals. All customers and events are important to our company so we treat everyone the same whether you are renting for a huge event or a smaller backyard party.

Inflatable Party Magic has the party rental equipment and staff to service all size event rentals so we provide rentals to backyard birthday parties, Corporate event rentals, church youth group rentals, church children's ministry rentals, vacation bible school rentals, college event rentals, grand openings, and so much more.

Let us take your next event from just normal to extraordinary!
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If the bounce house rental for your party is outside our normal service area, just let us know! We do deliver even farther out, and special accommodations can sometimes be made for your party or event near Grandview.

NOTE: Extra travel fees may apply to some areas.
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